Fast Fashion. It Needs to Stop.

What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is a quick and large production of cheap clothing, that is often thrown away because of the material, or the matter of not wanting it anymore. Which causes more and more build-up in landfills. Fast fashion businesses are often cruel to their workers as well. Workers are required to put in 14 to 16 hours per day, seven days a week, and have verbal and sometimes even physical abuse from managers. Over 200 million children aged 5-12 have to work these cruel hours as well. Workers are often exposed to harmful substances while working without enough ventilation. Accidents and injuries are also common. Most fast fashion companies pay their workers little to nothing, around 20 cents per day. Fast fashion is very common in the U.S. Brands such as Nike, Shein, Victoria's Secret, and many many more are all fast fashion brands. They are popular because prices are so cheap so they are often clothing buyers' first choice. Fast fashion is very problematic and needs to be changed. How can we stop it? Well, the first thing you can do is buy clothing from more sustainable brands, such as Levis, Patagonia, Athleta, etc. They may be more expensive, but they last longer and are better for the environment. If you don’t want to go that route and spend more money, a thrift store is an option, or you could help by donating your clothes to them as well. I personally think fast fashion needs to be stopped or become better for the environment and workers. What do you think?

Is fast fashion a problem?

Do the workers need to be paid more?

What are you going to do to help?

How should we stop clothes from being piled up in landfills?

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  • Good topic choice and good job replying. Use paragraphs to separate your information to better effect.

  • I believe that fast fashion is a problem and I also believe that the workers should be paid more and have better work conditions. I think it is hard to change it because it has been around for years but trying to buy less clothes and not buy so much from fast fashion companies. 

  • I think workers of sweat shops should be paid more for their work because the conditions are not acceptable. Fast fashion should be produced slower because although the trends will pass sooner than when you get the clothing, if you do get the clothes they will be in better condition and last longer overall.

  • I think that a lot of things are problems because the world if full of humans so there will be lots of issues. I think that in many cases workers need to be paied more because people need a livable wage. I personally don't waste clothes, I don't buy clothes often and when I do I use it well and donate it when I outgrow it or no longer like it.

  • I think that the workers need to be paid more and have better work conditions. Those children and adults are suffering while working in those shops because of the environment and work hours. We need to do something.

    • I agree, the working conditions are unhealthy, especially for the chidren.

  • I think that fast fashion is a big problem, especially now that we can shop online. The workers need to be paid more for all the work they do. To try to help, I try not to buy clothes from places where they are super cheap so that I'm not supporting that company. 

    • I agree with your idea of not buying from cheap brands, and some people can't afford pricier clothes so that's why they lean towards the cheaper option, I think if you still want a cheap option but nicer clothes a thrift store is also a good choice.

  • I think that fast fashion is a problem because it is filling the landfills with more junk which causes more global warming. I think that they need to make their clothes out of better materials and pay the workers more to fix this problem.

    • I agree, if their clothes were better quality, so many of them wouldn't end up in landfills, but usually all the company cares about is money and makes sure that someones buying something.

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