Equal rights equal fights

Equal rights equal fights


I feel that everyone should have equal rights and equal fights but if a girl does nothing or a guy does nothing to you I feel then you should not be able to swing on anyone even if they annoy you.


 Some studies say that it is bad and unfair but I say if you can’t take the hit then don’t do it. Like some women do they might hit you, kick you, or smack you but then they pull the card that you can’t hit them because then they can pull abuse and because the world is towards girls more than guys they just skip the guy and go straight to the girl then we guys can’t say or do anything because either way we're gonna get in trouble for hitting them back.


 It's close to the same way with guys one swings first and then the other swings in defense then you both get in trouble and put in for the same amount of time and the same thing for fighting. I am not for hitting girls not at all but if they hit you then don’t you think you should be able to hit them back because of the way the world is now?





Should boys be able to fight girls within reason? Why?


Should equal rights be in effect?

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  • Interstin topic Logan. I do think your summary could be a tad longer.

  • I think that boys should not be able to fight girls unless the girl is sitting there beating him up after a while they are gonna get tired of it and there gonna have to push her away and not just let it happen to them. I think so but if some uses it wrong then there should be consquenses.

  • I believe that men should not hit women. However, I do believe that they should be able to hit them back if they have to for self-defense. I think that it's ok to protect yourself, and that is what you should do if you have to. Equal rights should be in effect.

  • I think that guys should not hit women for any reason but I do agree that men should be able to hit women on certain occasions like when the woman just starts fighting I think that it is fine to protect yourself and hit back but other than that I don't think it should be allowed and it should definitely not be a normal thing to hit them.

  • I think that if someone hits you that you can hit back in self defense, but women shouldn't be able to just hit guys and get away with it. It doesn't matter if you hit them as a joke it still shouldn't be ok. 

  • I believe that there should be equal rights in those kinds of situations when someone hits you and you are going to hit them back becasue it's self defsense. A brawl shouldn't happen if he defends himself just to get away.

  • I think that men should not be able to hit women unless it is out of self defenss. But on the other hand, i dont think women should just be able to hit guys for no reason at all. I think any abuse should be considered abuse even if its a woman. 

  • I think that boys should be able to fight a girl if they are self defensing. I also think that if your just hitting a girl for the fun of it and actually hurt her and she doesn't like you hitting her then thats different. I do agree with equal rights equal fights should be a law. 

  • If a girl starts to hit a man for a reason that the man has no control over I beleive he is aloud to put aggresive hands on her with minimium damage just so he can get her settled down and not so fired up to where she wants to do it again.

  • i think that men should be able to protect themselves against anyone who tries to hurt them. The reason many people are against the saying "Equal rights, Equal Fights" is because there are so many other topics that come with equality such as equal pay or equal work hours. I do not mind men trying to defend themselves. There is no such thing as "Equal Fights". There is only self-protection within reason.

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