Electric VS Gas Powered Cars.


Are electric cars better than regular gas-powered cars? Well, there are benefits to both types of vehicles, but there are also many downsides to both. Gas-powered cars run on gasoline and diesel while electric cars run on electricity. Some car manufacturers sell a mix of gas-powered and electric-powered in one car called a hybrid.

Gas vehicles or combustion engines are run by compressing gas and air in a chamber and then igniting the gas and air. A gas tank for a car can range from 13 to 30 gallons. On average a car can get 24 miles per gallon. That means you can drive 312 miles to 720 miles on one tank of gas. Refueling a car like this can take a matter of minutes.

Electric cars run on a big battery under the car. The batter is charged by braking or a 240-volt outlet. The cars can run for about 300 to 400 miles on one charge. Then it will take 15 min to a half hour.

Electric cars will be more and more relevant as time goes on. But I don't think electric cars will ever fully take over. I think if people can figure out how to charge cars in a matter of minutes, and make the batteries last longer, I think electric cars will be more useful.

Do you think electricals will be mandated in the future?


Do you think gas cars are going to stay around forever?


Do you think you will own an electric vehicle when you are older?





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  • This topic was already done by someone else this week so be sure to check the forum before picking your topic.  You didn't replyt to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think they are trying to push electric vehicles, but they got to realize that there electric cars are powerd-up from a gas generator. I believe gas-powered cars need to stay around because they are the back bone of America. I will not own a electrical vehicle because liberals push them to much on there agenda.

  • I don't think they should mandate electric cars in the future, because we never know what could happen with them. I don't know if gas cars will stay around forever, but I don't see them going away any time soon. I will probably eventually own an electric vehicle when I'm older just because they seem nice.

  • I don't think there would be any way for vehicles to go fully electric any time soon. It would be so difficult to get a vehickle such as a large pickup to the same level of horsepower as a gas or diesel powered truck. Also, the lithium used in batteries isn't good for the environment at all.

  • I don't think that electric cars should be madated in the future. Especially in the near future considering there isn't near enough lithium mines out there for everyone to have an electric vehicle. Also, our current power grid couldn't handle everyone charging their car at the same time.

  • I hope that electric cars aren't mandated in the future, the lithium they use is more harmful than the gas we use. Also, when one of those electric cars sets on fire, you cannot put it out, it just has to burn until it is gone. These cars also have charging times that take a while, whereas gas cars can just guzzle up some gas and they're good to go. I will not own an electric car in the future, I hope gas is still around.

  • Unless they change how expensive it is to buy and maintain an electric vehicle and how it doesn't serve well in intense weather, than I don't think I will own an electric car when im older. I think really expensive gas cars like lamborghini's, ferraris, bugattis, etc. will still be around for a very long time.

  • I think it's very possible that electricals will be mandated in the future, but probably way further in the future. I think no matter if they make them illegal or not they'll always be around. If electric cars are cheaper in the future and I like in the city where everything is near by I might own one. 

  •  I do think that electric cars are growing more and more. Technology continues to become more advanced and become better and better, so I think they will continue to become more used. I do think that there will continue to be a good amount of gas cars in the future though.

  • I think that in the future electrical cars will be mandated and become more and more common between people. I believe that cars are going to stay around at least for the next years but I don't know what would happen in 100 years or more. In my opinion as electrical cars improve, I could end up getting one in the future.

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