Drug Use In Sports

What do you think should happen if someone gets caught using any drugs in college while playing sports? The research shows that many students have got caught using drugs in sports and haven't gotten in big trouble. They may have had to sit out some games. There should be more and bigger consequences if getting caught having these or using drugs. 

Athletes use drugs to take the pain away and think it's a good feeling. They don't think about what it really does to your body and how it can affect your life from there on. A player on the LSU Tiger football team got caught and didn't get into any type of trouble.  I think that this is just like using steroids because there is no need for hurting your body. They have worked their hearts out to be where they are and then they just wanna ruin it.  

How do you feel about this? 


What do you think the consequences should be?



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  • Spencer,

    Your summary is a bit brief overall and we have had topics similar. I won't count off for not replying to people as they were all last night.

  • I think that illegal drug use is a bad problem pro and college athletes have. If the athletes need drugs to make them play better, then they don't deserve to play in high-level sports. I think it is unfair to the people that don't use drugs. And I don't think you should be allowed to still play after using drugs.

  • I feel that illegal drug use is definetly a problem in both college and professional sports in this modern day and age. Although I think that steroid use has gone down since the 1990's. I think that there should one hundred percent be punishment for athletes that get caught with these substances.

  • I feel like the drug usage in sports has dramatically decreased since the 1990 in all sports because that was around the time they emplimented drug tests. In baseball, the "steroid era" was from 1994 to 2004, and it was called this because virtually everyone used them. I think the consequences of using them should be a lot more than what they are, plus Calvin Ridley got a 17 game suspension for betting on his own team to win. Which I think is absurd.

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