Does social media do more bad than good?


Everyone has some sort of social media. Is that better for us? or worse? Almost everything gets tossed around on social media, it's the fastest way of gossip. Although social media can be good for learning purposes like watching what's happening around the world, asking siri questions like, “What's the perfect time to toast bread” things like that. But there's another side of social media where people are mean or they make rumors about someone, post explicit pictures for “revenge” on people. The majority of bad is comments on posts. It always makes me think about the phrase your parents used to tell you, "if you have nothing nice to say, dont say it at all."


Anything can be said when you're hiding behind a screen and you won't have consequences for saying anything bad. I think a lot of people use social media this way. Even if they don't intend to, just putting something that could be a joke to you and your friends, could be taken as an insult by the other person. I think social media does more bad than good. There are plenty of good things on social media, however even a harmless video of someone's new puppy, people comment things on and try to turn it into something bad. 

Do you think social media does more good or bad? 


What's the last thing you did on social media?

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  • Well done overall Jaydn! I do think your summary could be a tad longer. You posted one day late as well.

  • I think that social media does more good then bad. I think that because you still have time to talk to your friends out of school because you wouldn't have anything to talk to them. The last thing I did on social media was snapchat one of my friends or posted on instagram.

  • I think that it depends on how you use social media. It can be good on some occasions but other times it can be terrible.  I think that it does more good the way I use it.  After we won the state championship it was used in a good way as everyone was celebrating eachother.

  • I personally think that social media is both negative and positive at the same time. I spend quite a bit of my time on social media and from that time you can see both the pros and cons. Although, I think that social media affects everybody positively or negatively but in different ways. 

  • I think social media is both negative and positive. I do spend a bit of time on social media, but I don't think that it's having a negative effect. I'm a pretty busy person so my life doesn't really revolve around social media. I think social media affects everyone in different ways.

  • I feel that social media has pros and cons. It is an entertainment contention to fellow peers. But can have bad stuff like bullying and random people trying to contact you. Overall i think that it would be better to have less but not take it away completely.

  • I don't think that social media does more of it either. I think that it's balanced. I believe that social media can be used in good ways, like news, and in bad ways, like bullying, and if people don't like that then they can delete the apps.

  • I don't think it does bad if you know how to use it well. Simply put, if the issue you want to solve is cyberbullying, then just don't go on your phone or block people who are doing that. It was made to have online connections with people. And if you don't want it just don't get it, or go on it. 

  • Think that it does both since they can use for good things like news and stuff like that. But also for bad since they can use for bad and hatred so thats why I think it both.

  • I think social media is both bad and good. It entertains people which is good, but it can also tell and show people negative things about themselves which makes it bad and sometimes harmful.

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