Does Biden care more about his world image than the US

If you have watched the news lately you will see that Ohio is having some problems with the train derailment. The train was carrying more than 115,000 gallons of vinyl chloride, a very dangerous chemical known to cause very rare cancers. Ohioans cried out to the federal government for financial aid to hire workers to help clean up the mess. However, help took 3 long weeks to arrive, although most think help came too late. The soil has been polluted and the air still carries traces of vinyl, concerns rise about where these contaminants could end up. 


Inflation in America has been on the rise ever since Biden was elected and even before. As of now inflation is up to 9.1 percent from last year alone for and overall 21.1% since 2010. President Bideb has tried to deflect this by citing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 as a way to address the problem. However this act has not yielded any complimenting data just yet. While all this is happening, Biden sends billions of dollars of foreign aid to Ukraine, $40 billion in total. A $40 billion most people think could have been better spent in aiding America. 


Many allied countries still to this day have mixed views on the president with most leaning towards blind approval. However, Biden's approval rating domestically is only 38%. 75% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, not approving of Biden's policies. Biden wants the world to see him in a more positive light so he donates large amounts of money to foreign countries in hopes of increasing his world view. Saying himself that America will lead the world once again. 


I personally believe that there is some merit to these claims. However, I think that Biden does care about America; he is just not doing the right things for this country. 


What do you guys think about this view on biden.

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  • Good summary and unique topic +5. I wouild like to see you reply more frequenlty. Be sure to check back late Thursday.  Posted late.

  • I really don't agree with or like anything Biden says. He most definitely cares more about his world image, than the US. He does more for other countries than he does for the US, so he makes it really easy to say that. Also, he doesn't even know what he says half the time, so I just think he shouldn't be president.

  • I think that Biden is too old to be president. I'm surprised he hasn't died yet, he has terrible communication issues, such as stuttering and forgetting his line. He has helped to increase inflation and didn't discourage the Russia and Ukraine war enough. He shouldn't be in office.

  • I think that Biden does know what he is doing or saying at points. I think he would be a better president if he actually knew the information and didn't struggle to do the easiest jobs, like walking upstairs. I do not think that Biden is fit to be president and should be impeached. They tried to impeach Trump several times because they ultimately didn't like him and he was republican. We have reason to impeach Biden.

  • I feel this is a tuff subject. I also feel its easy to be biased. I don't know enough about Biden to give a completely 100 percent answer. But I would assume he cares more about his country than his image. If it came down to ruining his image and saving the country I'm confident he would do so. 

  • I don't think Biden knows what he's doing at all. He acts clueless and doesn't understand anything, he can barely communicate right. I think there is someone else telling him what to say and I personally don't think he should or is capable of being president at all. He needs to be removed from office.

  • I don't think biden makes any decisions by himself and does whatever the democratic party tells him to do. When I see videos of him giving speaches, you can clearly see him reading a note card. He's always fumbling words and is just overall clueless.

  • I personally believe that biden is just a clueless old man that has no idea what he is doing and just going along with the flow. Yes he helps other contries but still he is helping them more then he is with us and he has not even helped with the train derailment that happened in ohio.

  • I think that the aid not coming soon enough could have been easily fixed by more people from a closer area and not the fact that it has to do with money but the fact that he couldn't help more with the situation and the fact that he helped Ukrain when they were in need was helpful but not in the way of this situation.

  • I feel that it could be both, he cares a lot about his image and tends to stay with his democratic ways, I do think that he should work with the train derailment more though.  These people's lives were disrupted and will be for a very long time. How would they be able to clean up the mess? How would they get it out of the soil? Should these people be evacuated? There are so many questions and not very many answers, and it seems that he is doing nothing to provide those answers. 

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