Do Zoos cause more harm than good?


Zoos have been around since 1753 and while lots of people love them, in the most recent years more and more people have started to dislike the idea of zoos. In 2022 there are over 10,000 zoos worldwide. 100s of which have been accused or shut down due to animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is no joke which is why these accusations sometimes lead to zoos closing even if they where proven inocent. 

Lots of zoos have been shut do to animal cruelty. Taking animals from their natural habitat and putting them into smaller spaces and stressful interactions with humans which they are not used to. When being introduced into their new environment north only will they potentially be exposed to different weather and temp but the stress of the move can cause them to starve themselves. When animals are born into zoos they rely on their handlers for everything because they know nothing else, watching is a problem because even though those animals will most likely never see their true natural habitat. Yes these animals are safe from poachers but they are at risk of losing their natural instinct being stuck in a zoo 100 times smaller than their natural habitats.

While there are a lot of downfalls to zoos there are some benefits. One good thing about zoos is that the animals under their care are protected from hunters. This results in helping keep endangered species from going extinct. Zoos help teach the general public about animals in the world and why they are going extinct. Sometimes they provide classes to help show how to stop the extinction of these species. Zoos were built and are still used as research facilities to study and learn about the different exotic animals. Zoos have the ability to attempt to create the natural habitat for these animals came from and monitor their behavior

In my opinion it really depends on the type of people that work and run the zoo and how they treat the animals.

Do you think zoos should be closed?

Are zoos the right thing for animals?,of%20mental%20and%20physical%20stimulation

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  • Great topic and great job!!

  • I know that alot of animals live there in the zoo and many more that could possibly live there. I think that the zoo isn't doing any harm to the animals there actually doing good taking care of them. I think not all zoo's are good for animals some people do and have zoo's for money but I think the zoo near us it's a big zoo it's very popular and it looks and seems like a very safe place for aniamals to live

    • I agree that the zoo is not harming the animal.

  • I think that many animals should live in their own habitat, however, I think that zoos also have a very good cause. I think that what they do for animals is great. However, I think that all zoos can always do much better.

    • Zoos have a good intentions some just have bad executions.

  • I think that zoos should not be closed. I think this because zoos help save the animals there. As well as, help people to realize and raise awareness for endangered species. I think that as long as zoos take animals that are in danger and don't have a home over the ones that do the zoo is the right thing for those animals.

    • I agreee that zoos help animals

  • I think that yes its out of there nature but as long as there in a place that is like what they are naturaly supposed to live in, getting feed the same thing as what there body needs, and being handled the right way they should be fine. Know I also think its a great way for kids to learn about animales and see them in there habitats learning what to do what not to do and realizing that there nothing to be completely scared of. 

    • I agree that it should work as along as everything is close to noramal life.

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