Do we have an overpopulation or an underpopulation problem?

Overpopulation has been on everyones mind because we are about to reach 8 billion people on earth. While the graph shows the population will continue to grow for the next forty years peaking around 2050, it doesn’t show the other half of it. It's hidden because it reveals a steady downward plunge, meaning fewer and fewer people on the planet each decade, which could cause some panic.

This will start happening because people just don’t want to have children anymore. This causes the fertility rate all around the world to drop. It is stated that we are to reach 9.2 billion people on earth and then drop each year because there is a greater percentage of people dying than people being born. Countries like japan, ukraine, and germany are already experiancing a strong population decline and will likely be the first countries to start failing due to underpopulation. Many countries in Africa have rappidly dropping fertility rates as well.

An effect this has is the growing age of our population. 1972 was peak youth. The average age, since then, has been going up. This is because all of the young people from the baby boomer generation are getting older and aren’t having nearly as many children as they’re parents did. Older people are also living longer due to the advancements in technology and medicine. This could also be an issue for the older generation seeing as they kinda depend on the newer ones.


What could be other effects of underpopulation?

What are ways humantiy can stop this process?

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  • Good topic choice +5! Your summary is good but I think you should have added a pic of the graph you referred to so people can see it. Be sure to reply more frequenlty as well.

  • I would think that we are in a little bit of an overpopulation problem.  But, I think it is better to be overpopulated than underpopulated. We can make more jobs and houses, but we can't fill all those jobs and houses if we are underpopulated. 

  • I think that we have overpopulation right now, but in a  few decades or a couple of centuries, we could be in an underpopulation situation. this would be a problem because we have lots of jobs and roles that need to be filled that can't. Also, what would happen with all of the left over buildings from people that arent there anymore?

  • I think that we are currently dealing with a slight overpopulation situation. I do not think that it is too bad as of right now, but if the population continues to grow at the current rate then we definetly will. I can not really think of anyways that humanity can ethically stop this from happening. 

  • I think that we could have an overpopulation problem in the future if we continue living the same lifestyle. There just won't be enough resources for so many people to live on this planet without destroying it. A problem of underpopulation could be that we don't have enough people to take care of all the old people. 

  • I think that in the future we could have an underpopulation problem. Some effects could be that people in day cares or taking care of little kids would not have as many kids to take care of or eventually none. I think humanity should start taking care of our world more so this process slowly stops.

    • I agree. Jobs involving kids would dissipate due to the decreased number of children. 

  • Some results of underpopulation could be things like that baby food or baby products will need to no longer be produced along with less of a need for things like babysiters. I am not sure how this could be stopped but it might just be that we have to let what will happen happen. There might not be anything to even do.

  • At the moment, though I don't know much, I think that we are in a slight overpopulation problem. However, if we can manage to stay at this population number for awhile, I think that that would be good. Beacuse we really do not want to have an underproduction problem. 

  • I think that we do have a little bit of an overpopulation problem. This topic can tie into many different subjects like abortion, orphans, assault, global warming, and death. All of these subjects that fall under the overpopulation topic. Sooner or later the governments around the world will try to slow the increasing population.

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