Death penalty

The practice of the death penalty contradicts the right to life and the right not to be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment. Consensus is growing regarding the universal abolition of the death penalty. Some 111 countries have abolished or introduced a moratorium on the death penalty in law or practice. By 2021, in the United States, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, a total of 27 states contemplated this type of punishment: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, South Dakota , Florida, and 19 others.

Crimes punishable by death penalty (considered in state legislation): Homicide, both people who killed their victim directly or indirectly (that is, they hired someone), rape, or trafficking large quantities of drugs, plane hijacking or in others, betrayal is also taken into account.

Some reasons to abolish the death penalty: It is irreversible and mistakes are made, it is usually used in unbiased justice systems, it does not deter crime, it is used as a political tool, it is discriminatory.

In addition to the consequences it has on people suffering from mental disorders, capital punishment has extremely worrying repercussions on the mental health of convicted people, their families and even their lawyers.

Most common methods of execution: beheading, hanging, lethal injection and death by firearm. 

Some arguments in favor of the death penalty mention that society has always used punishment to deter potential criminals from carrying out illegal actions. They also state that if some studies on deterrence are inconclusive, it is only because the death penalty death almost does not take place.


Do you agree with the death penalty? Why yes or why not?

If a person with mental problems were sentenced to death, would you agree? Why yes or why not? 


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    • I agree, the person who suffers from mental problems should be studied first and everything possible should be done to take them to a place where no one else is at risk.

  • I think that the death penatly should only be used for the most extreme crimes. They need to be sure that the person is guilty of the crime before giving them the death penalty. I think that if the person with mental illness problems did a horrible crime then they could be given the death penalty.

  • I dont agree becuase of having a actual argument witht the judge and other types of sources that prove youre inacents. I would agree becuase of having a bad mental order that cant be cured and just causing problems of having the mental issues 

  • I agree with the death penalty, it seems harsh and inhuman, but the person who would be getting the death penatly would be one that deserves it. This person would have to had killed people or someone, it really just dependdon the crime that was commited. If the person had the nerve to kill someone or many people, then they can die aswell. 

  • I think the death penalty is the most extreme form of punishement, and varies from case to case on whether they deserve it or not. From an outsiders perspective, I personally believe the death penalty is unethical. However, if I was the family of a victim, I would want justice to be served by whatever means necessary. 

    • I agree, it is a very strong way of condemning people and it does seem to be unethical in addition to the fact that the convicted person is not really the one who pays but his family for the loss.

  • There is some stories you hear about what these horrible people do in the world and it is just horrible, but i could not tell someone to kill a person. I think that if you kill them you are no better than the killer. People with mental problems should just go to jail and they need to go to a hospital.

    • It's a good point, if you kill someone who did these horrible things, it seems like you put yourself on the same level as them.  But for some reason they come to those decisions

  • I agree with the death penalty because if someone does something bad enough to be exicuted they probably deserve it for reasons of just not being a good or safe citizen to keep around. If the person is beyond helping then yes becasue they may trick you to thinking they are getting better and then do something outragous. 

  • I don't have much of an opinion on death penalty, but whether someone deserves it or not depends on what they did. I think a better solution is sentencing them to prison for life instead. It matters what the situation is if I were to agree with a death sentence or not.

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