Day Light savings all year around??

Should we keep day light saving all year around. It first came around during WWII while we were trying to save energy. A man a long time ago came up with it because he was seeing that it would be light out around 6 in the morning. 

On march 13th we changed our clocks ahead of time by one hour. We lost one hour of sleep that night. I think that we should not keep it all year around, because it would be dark almost all the time. When in wrestling you don’t see the sun and it is terrible. I think that you should see the sun a little bit it affects you more that you would know.

Last year they had tried to pass it but to many people thought it was not ideal because of the sunlight. I think that it was nice having to change the clock because that means summer is coming and school is about over. It makes the days feel longer and the nights feel shorter. Yes some people think that it should not go back and keep it all year around. But according to Mr. Bruns he dose not think that it will change anytime soon because so many people light to change it and that it makes sense. The U.S Senitor Marco Rubio as of Sunday, reintroduced the Sunlight protection act. This is the law that is trying to get the clock change to end. And Keep day light savings all year around. 




Should we keep daylight savings?

Should we keep changing the clocks?

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  • Great topic choice! Your summary is fine but could be a bit longer. Be sure to reply more to student comments. +5 

  • I understand that some may feel that we need to get rid of daylight savings time. But I like it to be bright later in the day because then I have more time to do outside things. The clocks can keep changing just like they have been since World War Two. 

  • In my personal opinion, I think that we should just do away with daylight savings as a whole. I understand why it was a useful thing in the past, but it serves little to no purpose in the modern day. All it does it throw off peoples internal clock and make them tired.

  • I can understand why some people would want to keep changing the clocks a couple times a year because it does make the daylight last longer. However, I think I would prefer it if we got rid of time change and kept the same time all throughout the year.

  • I think we should keep changing the clocks. It allows people who work outside to work later into the night because it is still light out. When people can work later more gets done. People often complain about losing an hour of sleep for 1 night, but we also gain an hour of sleep during a different time of the year when we change clocks.

  • I dont think we should it. I would just want to have one time for all year around. I perfer more sunlight and if we could keep it that way all year around would be awesome. I think it would make people more happy to sunlight usually helps people be happy and get energy. 

  • I think we should keep daylight savings because as you stated, it makes summer and the end of school feel "closer" and it's like a countdown to "freedom". It's also nice to have because if we didn't change our clocks the time wouldn't match up with the "daylight" because sometimes it starts to get dark at 6 pm. People may think its a hassle to change the clocks but it takes a couple of minutes to do and it only happens a couple of times a year.

  • I think that we should not keep it and just have one set time all year and not change it. I like having more sunlight and if it were possible to keep that all year long it would be very nice. It would brighten peoples moods, help depression, and finally help with vitamin d deficiency which is a huge thing in production in testosterone.

  • I honestly don't know what to think about daylight savings, but people say the days get longer but the clock changing doesn't do anything to that the world spinning around the sun is what makes the days longer. The only thing that the clock changing does is change what time the sun rises or goes down.

  • Personally, I hate daylight savings time because it always messes my body up. I think we should get rid of it just because it is annoying to deal with. I don't think we should keep changing the clocks twice a year, and I think it should always stay the same.

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