• Macy and Ellie,

    Thanks for your comments on this controversial topic. What are your thoughts on semi-automatic weapons(Ar-15's)? 

  • I think that this issue is a very serious matter that needs to be addressed. I personally feel as though the number of school shootings and instances of gun violence which have happened in America show that there definitely needs to be stricter rules set in place. I agree that owning a gun is an amendment, and I think that it is every person's right if they so choose. However, I think that the process of obtaining a gun should be modified and tightened so that they don't sell guns to people who aren't fit to use them or who will do harm to others with them. I think that they should include a thorough background check, a mental health screening test, a criminal history check, and maybe even a justification as to why they need a gun. They should also have to go through a gun-safety class or something like it so they don't misuse the gun. While some may think these measures are too extreme, it's necessary to ensure that our country is safer. Plus, it wouldn't prevent the good people from getting guns as long as they're actually good and have good intentions. By implementing these practices, it could help to limit the bad people from gaining access to guns. It certainly won't prevent all bad people from getting guns, but it would help limit some. I understand that some people feel safer with a gun, but if only people with good intentions had guns, they wouldn't need the gun to feel safer. 

  • I think that we need to find middle ground on this topic. The ability to have guns is an ammendment so we can't just take it away. However, people are also loosing their lives because of guns so we can't keep on doing what we're doing. I think that people should still be able to have guns. My dad owns guns because he likes to hunt and wants to have one to protect our family. He is responsible with his guns so there is no problem with him owning them. However, there is a select group of people that misuse guns and are not responsible with them (like mass shooters.) That's why I think that people should need at least background check before they buy a gun. That way people don't sell guns to people who wouldn't be responsible with one. This wouldn't stop bad people from getting guns completely, but it could help. I think that it's a good compromise that doesn't take away people's rights, but could also save some people's lives. 

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