Computers/Tablets VS Textbooks

A grand majority of schools in the United States have students use a piece of technology like a Crombook or a Tablet and many others. But which are better Tablets or Textbooks in our high school? I have personally only used a textbook once. In the early 1980s was when the first computer was in a school to teach simple programming. Today if there were only a few computers in our school our learning system would be totally different.

The pros to having computers in our learning system is that computers can hold hundreds of textbooks on one device, plus homework, quizzes, and other files that means that we are not using as much paper and ink. But having computers or tablets means that they can be distractions. 87% of K-12 teachers believe that “today’s digital technologies are creating an easily distracted generation with short attention spans.” Also, having online textbooks cost less than having to print the textbooks out like the average print textbook costs $70 but a 6 year subscription is between $45-$55. But not all homes do not have good  internet that means that if they have homework online they can't get it done. Also computers and tablets can freeze, or get hacked and the repairs for a computer or a tablet can get expensive. 

Overall I think that having technology in our learning system has its pros and cons but I would go with having technology in our learning system but I think we should have some ways to help the people that can't afford good internet.

Which one do you think is better

What ways do you think could improve Computers in the learning system

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  • Yout topic is good and new and your summary is also good but perhaps a tad short. The issue is you didn't reply to any students comments whcih is worth 30 points.

  • I like both, I think I would be able to look at textbooks and paper longer and without getting a headache or anything. Computers aren't good for your eyes or your head to look at for a long time either. Although, computers can be bad for you, they are easy to carry around and ok to look at for a little while. Computers could be improved by making it easier to find the certain topic you're trying to research faster. 

  • Personally I like computers better than textbooks. I like that you can search up where a certain word or passage is in the textbook. Also it has most textbooks all in one computer instead of having 4 to 5 different textbooks for different classes or different subjects.

  • I think both work for different situations. Textbooks are heavy but they don't have the ability to search other things up causing a distraction. Computers have the possibility of dying if not plugged in giving them a shorter life span. If computers had a blocker for everything that did not involve the lesson it would improve the education of the students.

  • In my opion I would much rather have a computer than haveing to look stuff up in a textbook. In believe that people are getting better with technology everyday and it is making peoples lives easier. The computer learning system is challanging but it works. 

  • I personally think that technology is better than a textbook. I think that because you can put the same textbook on a computer and kids can find it a lot easier. With a textbook you have to flip the pages to find the answer but on a computer you can use Ctrl-F and type the word in and find it like that. 

  •  Textbooks have more information and they don't miss over things, and textbooks are a reliable source. I also think computers have their pros and cons, just like textbooks. I also think textbooks could be a little improved but we cant improve something from the past. Or maybe you could

  • I think that the technology is better. I think that computers don't really have anything wrong but teachers need to take into consideration that even in class they can be slow and the internet isn't working. Textbooks can't not work so they would be good for that and for the people without interenet. You can get more excitement on computers and learn better instead of just boring paragraphs in a big book.

  • I think computers are best because of how fast and easy it is to get the information you need. You can also get online classes too. Computers can recieve more up to date information while textbooks are usually old due to computers.

  • I think that tablets are better than textbooks because people learn differently. I also think that tablets are better than textbooks because its easier to find the stuff your trying to find. Also is because textbooks are old-fashioned and tablets are what some people use now.

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