Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark is becoming a famous icon in sports and especially in the NCAA tournament. Caitlin has had such an unbelievable performance lately that the NCAA women's basketball had to authorize a drug test. The press did not like the issue of that being, Catlin is truly making a name for herself in women's basketball. She is currently a Junior in her Iowa High School college degree.


Caitlin is known for her deep shots and good takes at the basket. She currently has 119 three point made this year and has attempted 310. Which is the best in the whole league. Her stat line is the best out of the whole league as well, she is already making history in college basketball history. Caitlin has made such of a big footstep in basketball this year that she has the attention of Steph Curry. 


Personally in my opinion Caitlin has a chance to be one of the best ever to compete in college basketball, as long as she keeps her pace up and breaks records she is on the right path. Yet there is a debate if she is as good as she seems or if it's a peak in the season. Also, Caitlin just led her team on 3/27/23 against Louisville to advance to the final 4. Her stats were the best you can get in college, having 41 pts, 10 Reb, 12 Ast, giving her a triple double. She really is having a great season.


What are your believes in Caitlin getting "drug tested"?

Does Caitlin belong in the best player debate?

Will Caitlin lead Iowa to the NCAA Womens Championship?

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  • Good topic choice and well done overall Reichan! I would like a few more replies.

  • I don't think that she should've been drug tested just because of how good she is. She definitely belongs in the best player debate for women's basketball because there is no other player in the country that is playing as good as she is right now. However,  I doubt they win the Championship.

  • I don't watch much basketball if any. I only pay attention during March Madness. I do no think that Caitlin Clark should be drugged tested only because she played very good. I think there should be other reasons than that. I think that she is a good player in general.

  • I think that she should get a drug test because they test everyone, and just because she is good that doesn't mean she can't be tested.  She belongs in the best player debate because she is a good player. She will not lead them to the championship because of South Carolina.

  • Caitlin Clark is very good at basket ball and could help Iowa win the NCAA championshit. But her team may have a challange and, they might need to shoot better to beat their aponents. 

  • I think that Caitlin Clark has a really good chance to win the NCAA Championship with Iowa. They are playing undefeated South Carolina tomorrow. That will be really tough for her team. They will have to step up even more and shoot better than all of their games before then.

  • I think that Caitlin Clark has a really good chance to help Iowa win the NCAA Championship. However, they are playing the undefeated South Carolina tommorow which will be really tough so her teammates will have to step up even more and shoot better than their last game from the first half mark.

  • I believe that Caitlin Clark is not on any sort of steroid. Caitlin works very hard in basketball and that is why she is so good at the sport. She works on ball handling and shooting in the off season. She works very hard to be this good. I would have to say that she is not on steroids. 

  • I believe she is not on steroids. She works very hard in basketball. She is by far the best womens player in college basketball history. She should win the award because she just had her triple-double in the elite eight. I think they could win the NCAA championship with the help of her teamates and coaches.

  • I believe Caitlin Clark is one of, if not the best woman basketball player I have ever seen. I hope that she will lead Iowa to a NCAA Championship. But It is hard for a single player to carry to a Championship.

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