I think we can all agree that Biden has not been the best president in our country's history, but there are good things that he has done. Biden recently signed a bill called the "Respect for Marriage Act," to ensure that LGBTQ+ couples are protected. I feel that this is extremely important, and ensures that couples won't be split apart, easily at least. 

"This act provides statutory authority for same-sex and interracial marriages. Specifically, the act replaces provisions that define, for purposes of federal law, marriage as between a man and a woman and spouse as a person of the opposite sex with provisions that recognize any marriage between two individuals that is valid under state law," (S1).

The whole point of the bill is to have the state government view homosexual and interracial marriages as valid. All marriages in all 50 states have to be recognized by each state.

"The bill’s sponsors worked with their Senate colleagues and stakeholders to develop an amendment to the House-passed bill to confirm that the bill will not lead to the recognition of polygamous unions and has no negative impact on religious liberty and conscience protections," (S2). Iowa senator Joni Ernst voted for the Act, while senator Grassley opposed it. 

Obergefell v. Hodges is the bill that was passed in 2015 to legalize gay marriage. 

"Pre-Obergefell laws prohibiting same-sex marriage would be enforceable if the decision is reversed. Prohibited or likely prohibited (32), Allowed or likely allowed (19)." Iowa is a part of the 19 that before it was passed, and likely if it were to be abolished, would allow gay marriage to still take place. 

I personally agree with both of these bills. I believe that gay marriage and interracial marriage should be treated like any other marriage. It shouldn't matter who you marry, love is love. 


Do you believe in gay marriage?

Do you believe in interracial marriage?

What do you think about these bills?


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  • I don’t believe in gay marriage because it doesn’t go by my religion, and what I believe in. I believe that men and women are supposed to marry each other and grow the family tree.

  • I think it was a good thing that he did that. I think someones sexuality and whoever they want to marry is nobody's business but their own. If they love somebody then let them be married. And for interracial there is nothing wrong with any of it.

    • I agree 100%. There is nothing wrong with interracial or gay marriage. They aren't trying to do anything wrong, they just want to be able to love and unify with the person they love. Not anyone's business at all. 

  • I do not believe in gay marriages. I think that god created people to be the way he wanted them to be. If you were born a man, you were meant to be a man, and god has a plan for you as a man. These bills are not good for our country and I feel that the government is trying to mess up the traditional family life so families won't be as connected and eventually, the government will conrol more and more.

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion, but I disagree. One of the main points of colonists leaving Great Britain was religious beliefs being pushed onto others. They left and created a country where our government is not run by any certain religion and everyone can believe what they want. Banning gay marriage just because it goes against YOUR religion is wrong. You can not push your religious beliefs onto others, It is against the constitution. 

  • I strongly believe that both LGBTQ+ and interracial marriage should be treated the same as "traditional" heterosexual marriage. I don't understand why people feel it's right or acceptable to treat people who don't apply to the conservative view of marriage. Even if you have religious beliefs you shouldn't be criticizing people for who they love.

  • No gay marriage is one of the worse things to happen or even to gay people I think that it is stupid and people wanting to change their genders are dumb you were born a man or woman you don't change. I just do not believe in gay people or LGBTQ any of that.

    • Well first off Micthell, gay people and trans people are two different groups. Gay trans people can be affected by this bill, but honestly, anyone's sexual orientation is not any of your business. Gay people just want to love who they want. 

  • I do not believe in Gay marrige because I am a more biblical person. I think that gay marrige or same sex nmarriges should not have been passed. I do think that interacial marriges should be able to happen because color should not be something to worry about. 

    • I personally believe that we shouldn't make any laws based on the bible. The whole point of the US even becoming what it was, are the colonists leaving for religious freedom. A politician denying a bill just because of their religious benefits would be unconstitutional. 

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