Are ride-hailing companies a benefit to society?

When someone mentions the words “ride-hailing” companies, I think of two main businesses, Uber and Lyft. Throughout history, we have seen several types of businesses that provide a ride to people. In 2007 the company Lyft was introduced and grew rapidly. The company quickly became known all around and grew in popularity. Only two years later, the company we all know as Uber was introduced. Uber also quickly grew in popularity and dominated Lyft. 

Some people feel that these types of companies can be beneficial to society, but they wonder… is it worth all the risks? Those who do fully support these companies feel that there are too many cons to having a successful company. One reason is that with an increase of ride-hailing companies comes an increase in traffic congestion and even extra exhaust put into the atmosphere. Another reason that could be overlooked is sometimes ride-hailing employees are paid poorly and usually make under the minimum wage. The last reason and the most used reasoning in an argument is the lack of thorough screening of the driver. This leads to a higher risk of the passenger which leads to higher kidnapping rates and crime rates. 

Contrary to those beliefs, others feel that they are overall beneficial to society. Some would argue that ride-hailing companies provide affordable rides for those who may not be able to afford their car or transportation. Another reason is it opens up more job opportunities for those who didn’t have advanced education. This leads to a lower unemployment rate and an economic boost. The last reason I will mention is that they increase mobility for those who suffer from a disability and low-income populations. 

I think that ride-hailing companies overall do help society. I think it could even help lead to fewer accidents including drunk drivers, over-emotional drivers, and more. I think that when screened and educated correctly they can be a safe and easy way to travel. I think it also helps people feel more comfortable when vacationing in a big city and not having to worry about driving in unknown traffic. The Lyft driver most likely knows the town and city well and it is safer than trying to learn it yourself. I do agree that there are dangers and risks when traveling in ride-hailing companies but I think that they can also positively impact the economy.


Do you think that ride-hailing companies have a negative or positive impact on the economy?


Have you ever rode in one? What was your experience?


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  • I like the topic(+5) and you did a great job overall Brock!

  • I have never used a ride-hailing company. I think that they help the economy because it creates a lot of jobs. There are definitly risks to using one but 99.9 percent of the drivers are good people and won't do anything to you. 

  • I think that this has a positive impact on the economy, the reason being that there could be people who are intoxicated and needs a ride home. This is a great way to keep innocent people alive and safe while driving home. It could be dangerous if the person driving is sick and they decide to kidnap them or do other things. 

  • I think they have a positive impact by creating more jobs and lowering crashes in cities due to different reasons. I do think they can be a little dangerous and could be improved. I have rode in one and the driver had a great story and great knowledge of the city. 

  • I think there can be positive and negative effects. I think that ride-hailing companies rapidy became large  but could also decrease in numbers. I think that the biggest pro to these companies are the reduction of drunk driving. It's an easy way to get a safe ride for those who are under the influence.

    • I think you are right and I agree with what you are saying that there can be positives and negative effects. Especially with the biggest pro being a reduction in drunk driving.

  • I think they have a positive impact on society because if you are in a situation where it is not safe for you to drive, you can order an uber or lyft and get home safely. I have never rode in an Uber or Lyft but I would be comfortable if I ever had to. I think having ride hailing helps out a lot of people.

  • I think that ride hailing companies do benefit society because they can help people in cities have a safer way to travel from place to place. A lot of people that don't have cars use these services daily. I have used these services a couple of times and I think they can be beneficial in unknown places.

    • I think they are definetly a benefit to society. Although, I think there can be some negatives I agree that a positive could be that it can be a safer way to travel from place to place.

  • I think there could be both negative and positive effects for ride-hailing companies. For someone that cannot afford a car, or gas, these would benefit them because it could be a cheaper option for short distances. Although, you cannot trust everyone so these could be very dangerous. I have never rode in one.

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