Are movie theaters dying?

They say that over the last couple of years, ever since streaming services have come out, that movie theaters are dying. Most people would rather stay home, turn on Netflix, and go to bed. But they say that this simple thing created to benefit entertainment is ruining a lot of business for movie theaters around the world. I mean think of it, why would anyone go see a movie, if they could just wait a few months for it to come out on a streaming service, that they can pay a monthly subscription for? Well, hopefully, I can change your mind about it. 

Today most film studios are rethinking whether theatrical releases are worth it. Some think that nobody will want to go see a movie in a theater over time. Now I know I may be overstating this whole topic, and that people will still go to the theater when a movie comes out. But during the pandemic, it really crashed the movie theater market. Now I understand that the COVID-19 pandemic shut down movie theaters and made it harder to go. So not only did that delay a lot of movies coming out so people couldn't see them, but I think it made people stop caring. So I'll tell you why you should keep going to the movies. 

I think Quentin Tarantino said it best. "When a movie comes out that you are interested enough to see, and it makes you want to leave your house, and buy a ticket, and you could do anything in the world you want that night. But you decide to see a film. One film in particular, and you go to see it on your own, maybe it's in the afternoon or maybe it's with a date or somebody, and you go to see it. And you sit down and you have an experience with a bunch of strangers. And at that moment, once the movie gets going, you become combined with others. And when you have a good experience, those are the things that stay in your mind and you keep with you for the rest of your life."

Obviously, I don't think that everything will change, if at all. We have seen that the box office still succeeds with releases like Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar 2. So in the end, it's up to the person, whether they will go to the movies or not. But I think going rather than waiting for a streaming service to release it, is a way better idea. 


Do you think movie theaters are dying?

Would you rather go see a movie, or stay at home and watch a streaming service?


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  • Love the topic and super job Jeb! +5

  • Yes, I think movie theaters are dying. I think that companies like Netflix are killing the movie theater business because they are making it convenient to stay at home and watch a movie without leaving their couch. I would rather stay home and watch a movie from my house because then I don't have to drive to a theater.

  • I agree that Movie theaters are dying out. The new streaming apps and websites are definitely on the rise. Pretty soon Movie Theaters will basically be your home TV. New movies are being put on these streaming platforms faster everyday. I really enjoy going to the Movie theater, but I hate saying that it is dying out.

  • I think that movie theaters are definitely dying out. Most movies that are released, go onto platforms like HBO Max soon after. People would rather save money and have the comfort of their own home rather than going out and spending money. I would still like to go to the movie theater for some things though.

  • I think that movie theaters are slowly dying but I also think that it would be better to go to the movies because who wants to sit through all the time waiting for the owners of the streaming service to put that movie on the sight you could go and see it that night for 5-7 dollars. I think I would rather go and see the movie because it is fun sometimes spend time with friends and go watch a movie.

  • I do not think that movie theaters are dying at all, maybe in smaller towns when a lot of movies arent realeasing , but once the big movies release many people go to the theatre. I like going to the movies a lot and think it is very fun. With the release of new big movies I have seen a rise in population at theatres.

  • Yes, I think movie theaters are dying. Not many people go to them anymore. They became really popular when they first came out becuase they were one of the only places you could sit down and relaxe in the A/C. I feel like now you can go and watch any movie you want at home without having to pay any additional money. 

  • I personally don't think that movie theaters will ever die out.  I think people go to the movies for multiple reasons beyond just seeing the movie.  It's the atmosphere, popcorn, candy, and seeing the movie on a big screen.  These are reasons why movie theaters will not go away.

  • Yes, I think some movie theaters are slowly dying off. I like going to the movies once in a while but I would rather save my money than go every time a new movie comes out. More people are starting to go to more local movie theaters from what I've seen also which doesn't help the big ones in the city.

  • Yes. I personally think that movie theaters are dying with the help of netflix, hbo streaming and other streaming tv shows and COVID-19. Personally, I would want to go to a movie and enjoy the recliner seats and the buttery popcorn and the huge tv screen; but, more often than not I'm stuck at home watching it from my bedroom.

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