Are GMO's good?

Are GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) good or bad for your overall health? GMOs are genetically altered vegetables, fruits or even meat. They do this by inserting new DNA into the cells of the desired organism. Since GMOs are created only to benefit us, the only thing people would need to worry about is if there was a mistake. A mistake could be catastrophic depending on what the mistake turns out to be.

There has never been a recorded “mistake” in the process of making these GMOs. So far, the only thing being genetically modified in food is either to make it chemical resistant, like herbicide resistant corn, or to make the food bigger, like what they did to tomatoes. If there was a mistake in that particular process, I do not believe it would be a health risk.

In the past decade, there have been no health risks observed from these “Superfoods”. They are just as healthy as normal food. In fact, they are better than what they used to be. Corn is 90% genetically modified to resist insects and herbicides. Apples were developed to resist browning after being cut. Salmon’s appetite has been altered so that they will grow in size. Those were just common GMOs, there are a lot more foods that have been genetically modified.


What are your thoughts on GMOs?

Do you believe they are necessary?,them%20over%20non%2DGMO%20foods.

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  • Good job overall Masen. I do think you could have replied a few more times.

  • I think gmo's don't harm much to our health. I think we waste time trying to research about it instead of just eating. I think it makes our food and stuff more efficient because of timesake. We all probally eat GMO's within our lifetime and we don't even know it.

  • I think that GMOs are pretty interesting to learn about we learned about them in biology class recently. Before I learned about them I didn’t know that they existed but now that I know about them I think that they are very beneficial. When it comes to genetically modified foods not a lot of people know what they are so they generally try to “avoid them” because they don’t know what they are.

  • I think that GMOs are used a lot and helps having enough food to feed everybody. Nowadays there is a lot of research and investigation behind every product so the majority of them are safe and we eat them without having any food poisoning or other health issues. 

  • GMOs are important to be able to feed our country. With the world's population growing, farmers have to feed more people and GMOs are a great way to help that. I do believe that they are necessary. A lot of people like to say that they don't like GMOs when really they don't know anything about them. GMOs are not bad, they're necessary.

  • I think that without GMOs we wouldn't be able to keep up with the need to feed people. They are a good and necessary thing to provide for the peoples needs. There aren't any health risks to eating them. I think they are needed to keep up with the growing population and have no harm to people. 

    • I agree. GMOs are a big part of keeping our country fed. Our produce is mostly genetically modified to give us more. Most natural foods you eat have been genetically modified in a way.

  • I think that GMO's are important in feeding our nation, and without them, we would need much more land and way more farmers. The worlds population has been growing a lot, and we need to be able to produce more food, on the same amount of land. The only way to do this is to use GMOs, so yes they are necessary. Nobody has ever gotton sick off of GMOs and they are in almost everything, so we probably have nothing to worry about.

  • I belive GMO's are good for you. I don't really look because if it was that harmful they wouldn't sell it but if you don't wanna eat it then thats fine but I just don't see a problem if I haven't been greatly effected plus they help food in improving.

  • I never look to see if the food I eat has GMOs, I have never cared enough to look because I think that if it was really bad for people then it would not be sold. I think that they are helpful in improving food. Things like having apples not go bad as quick is very nice because I like apples.

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