Are Electric Cars Better Than Gas Cars?


Electric cars are the future, that’s what everyone wants them to be. Everyone thinks electric cars are good for the environment and such a good idea. But there are downfalls with these cars. 

First, they all require a battery to start.  Each one of those batteries needs lithium.  Where does lithium come from? They have to mine it up, and there is only 1 lithium mining field in the United States. So that can’t be enough. How else do they get it? They have to import it from other countries like Australia. So they have to mine it in Australia and then transport it more than likely using a boat that is using diesel fuel. Digging up lithium is terrible for the environment. It destroys the soil structure. This can lead to hurting our water table, which in the end reduces our water source and then leads to a risk of extinction. So now that they got the lithium they will make the batteries and then make the electric cars. 

Another downfall to electric cars is that the batteries do not last.  They say the batteries can last up to 100,000 miles to 300,000, so then when you have to get a new battery you have to dispose of the old one.  This is bad because you are putting it back into the earth. Then you have to get a new one, which costs more money.

The third reason that electric cars are not good is that you have to charge the battery.  This is an inconvenience.  Every 300 miles these batteries must be charged, which uses energy that uses fossil fuels. 

On the other hand, gas cars have several pros. Electricity is more expensive than gasoline, so gas-powered is better in the long run.  They are cheaper to make, which makes them more affordable for the consumer.  


They are pros and cons to both types of cars.  It really comes down to people’s preference.  Both options are available to help with transportation in today’s society.


In my opinion, I would rather have a gas car than an electric car any day. You can easily find a gas station more easily than a charging station. Having the sound of a real gas car or a diesel car or truck is a great.

Would you rather have a gas or electric car?

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  • Mitchell,

    Your topic is good but it was also done recently. Your summary is good but be sure to list your sources next time. Also be sure to reply back a bit more frequently as well.

  • I think electric cars are better then regular cars for the envoirment. But they are most expensive and very hard to afford. Electric cars are more complicated and difficult to use. And regular cars are more simple and you wouldn't be stranded it your car died. I would rather have an elictric car because it's better for the enviorment, but only if i had the money.

  • I don't think that electric cars are better than gas cars. Initially you might think that electric cars are better because you charge them instead of filling them up with gas. However, the batteries in them are not good for the earth. I would not want an electric car because you have to charge them every 300 miles. 

  • Many people think that in the future, nobody will use gas cars any more. So everyones probably going to get an electric car in their life. I like that it helps the environment but I think they are weird. It will be really expensive. 

  • I think that electric cars aren't better than gas cars. 1 thing is gas cars have more power than electric cars do. People think that electric cars can help the world, but to create a battery for the car is worse than the gas car itself. 

    • I agree with you because gas cars can tow more and have more power and it is bad for the earth to make an electric car.


  • I would rather have a gas car over an electric car. This is because I like hearing the sound of the engine and the style of gas vehicles. Electric cars don't have that cool factor like gas cars in my opinion which is why I would prefer a gas vehicle over its electric counterpart.

  • I would not like to have an electric car because there would be less places to fuel up if you are on a road trip and If you live in or around harlan you would have to drive to another town or have a charging station put in your house in order to charge your car. Most people don't have the money to buy a electric car and then on top of that they have to buy a charger for them.

  • Personally i would rather have gas. They are more efficent, yes they may contribute to pollution but they also are way more expensive and such to produce them than gas powered

  • In my opinion, If I were to buy a gas or electric car, I would buy a gas car. This is mostly because of how they aren't widespread and they are initially expensive. Although electric cars would be very good for climate change and not having to pay with gas, it is just a lot more convienent to go to a gas station and get fuel because of how widespread they are. In an electric car, there is a possibility that even if you are near a gas station, they may not have a charger, so you could be stuck in a situtation you could have gotten out of with a gas-powered car. If electric cars were cheaper and more widespread, I would pick them, but for the time being I have to go with gas powered cars.

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