AMBER Alerts

AMBER Alerts are alerts that you get on your phone when a child that is 17 or under goes missing. These alerts are sent to people that are in a certain range of the child that has been abducted. AMBER alerts will state the name and description of the person that was kidnapped and the description of the person that took them, as well as the vehicle information. In order for an AMBER alert to be issued, the law enforcement has to believe that the child is in serious danger, and they have to have information about the child as well as the abducter. The child also has to be added into the National Crime Information Center system.


AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. It is also named after Amber Hagerman who was kidnapped on January 13th, 1996, while riding her bicycle in Arlington, Texas. She was taken into a truck where she was later murdered. Her body was found 4 days later, but the abducter was never found. The Arlington Police Department are still searching to find who did this. 


Around 1,186 children have been found because of AMBER alerts. AMBER alerts help to get the information out so that people can help look for the child. They can also be used to scare the abducter. Some kidnappers may feel more inclined to return the child if they know that people are looking for the child and they could be found. 


AMBER alerts are a great way that our society has grown. Families are able to get more help to find their child. Not everyone looks at the AMBER alerts, but even the help of one person being on the lookout can help save a child's life.


When AMBER alerts come onto my phone, I always look at them. Reading the information that is written on the alerts could make a difference. I think that AMBER alerts are very helpful, even one more child found, is better than none. If I saw the vehicle or person described in the alert I believe that I would call if I was sure that it was the right person or car.





Do you read the AMBER alerts that you get?

Do you think that AMBER alerts are beneficial?

Would you call the police if you saw the vehicle or person described in the AMBER ALERT?

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  • I always read the AMBER alerts when I get one. I think that they are very beneficial because it makes it known to people to look out for the vehicle and the child. I would call the police if I saw the vehicle that the child was in. I always get scared when I get a AMBER alert. 

    • I agree with you, AMBER alerts can help alert people to be on the lookout.

  • I do read the amber alerts I get, they inform me of missing people and keep me aware of what is happening around me. Amber alerts are very necessary and I think they're helpful, they let people in surrounding areas know that there is a missing person and they need to be found. The public is supposed to keep an eye out for the person so they can be rescued. 

  • I always read the AMBER alerts that I get. I think it's important to be aware of the situation rather than disregarding it completely. AMBER alerts help notify the public of a possible abduction so they know what to look for. I think the system is very beneficial and a huge help to law enforcement. 

    • I agree with you, when people get a AMBER alert they are able to help the law enforcement.

  • Everytime i get an amber alert i try and read it and visualize what the person or people look like. I think that amber alerts are necissary to keep safety in america.  If i really thought that i saw the car that was on the amber alert i would call the police.

    • I agree with you, in order to keep people, especially children, safe, we need to have a way to find them.

  • I normally do read the amber alerts to see how close they are to me and if i need to keep my eyes out for a certain person. I believe they are beneficial becasue they raise awerness for everyone and make it harder for the person to hide.

  • I don't usually read the AMBER alerts that I get, mostly because I wouldn't be able to do anything about them anyway. I think they are definetely beneficial and it is good that they are a thing. I would probably talk to someone if I saw a vehicle or person descibed in an AMBER alert.

  • I read all of the amber alerts I get. I think amber alerts are a good way to spread an important message quickly. I would call the police if I saw someone that looked like the amber alert.

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