Nascar Driver Fractures Vertabrae in Wreck

NASCAR Driver Aric Almirola was involved in a accident this Saturday at Kansas Speedway. The wreck took place on lap 199 on a restart. Joey logano's right front brake exploded sending him into Danica Patrick's car, making it impossible to get around it. Almirola had to much speed and not enough time to avoid the two cars. Almirola broke his T5 vertebrae, he was airlifted to the University of Kansas Medical Center. He is expected to fly back to North Carolina on Sunday. 

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Do you think there is any kind of safety equipment to prevent this from happening?  Explain

Would you ever race in nascar after hearing about these wrecks? Why or why not? 

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  • yes there is there is so much equipment that nascar drivers have to where it prevent this because it has happened before and they learn from the past to make it more safe fro drivers today  no I would no because I don't think that could handle the boring ness of racing and how long I would have to sit in the car

  • I am sure the cars are packed full of safety devices and meters  but this is a sport of pushing the car past it's breaking point and into first eventually somethings got to give either the car or the driver tired from the race's extreme exhaustion. if I thought I was good enough and could handle the environment I would.     

  • I think there is already all the safety equipment in the cars to try to prevent this from happening, but going 199 mph makes anything unpredictable. I would race in nascar after hearing about this because these types of wrecks don't happen very often and there is good crews to prevent things from happening like this.

  • 1. there is safety equipment for stuff like that such as neck braces and the seat is the main thing that helps from bad things happening

    2. yes i would because its a way of life and you shouldnt give up something you love doing  

  • 1. Yes, there are a ton of safety precautions. Of course there could be more but they've done their best.

    2. Yes I would. Even though it's dangerous, not everyone has to wreck. It just depends on how everyone is driving and the conditions. 

  • Yes they races with full cup seats roll cages and even neck braces and sometimes there are just unusual things that happen. oh hec yeah thats like saying would you still ride a bike after falling off and scraping you knee.  

  • I think that they have enough safety equipment its just some of the wrecks can not be stopped, or if they hit just right they might be injured. I still would because you dont wreck all the time.

  • there really is not a way to stop it because they are gong 200 plus MPH 

    i wouldn't because that would just suck going left for 3 hours  

  • Yes, I've heard that there is a strap from the helmet to the seat that is supposed to prevent their head from getting whip lashed. I would never race in NASCAR because I would get very bored of turning left.

  • I agree with you there is not much more safety equipment they can put into the car. I can see why you would not want to race it is a dangerous sport and you are not interested. 

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