3McKenna replied to 6Emily's discussion Baptism Turns into Funeral
"1. I would find cover and try to keep others safe. I would brace myself and keep myself and everybody else calm.
2. I think many will help them as they all believe in their own religions I would think they would see the need to help others no matter…"
10 hours ago
3McKenna replied to 4Nathan's discussion Mexico earthquake: Searches could last weeks
"1. I think I would because I would want to know and I wouldn't want them to feel abandoned. 
2. I would move. I really don't feel like dying so I would make the smarter choice. The only reason I'd stay is the help the people. "
10 hours ago
3McKenna replied to 1 Emily M.'s discussion Steelers offensive tackle and ex army ranger stands for national anthem
"1. I think they were being disrespectful to the flag and the people who fought for us. I think that they should stand and support, even though they have the right to protest.
2. I think he did the right thing. Like everybody else, he was standing up…"
10 hours ago
3McKenna replied to 3LucasB's discussion North Korea could test hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean, says foreign minister
"1. Honestly, I have no clue. I believe that Trump is a very unpredictable decider so this could mean anything from WW3 to anything else.
2. I think he's going to try. I honestly don't think Trump would but Kim can try.  "
10 hours ago
3McKenna replied to 3HunterF's discussion NFL players taking the kneel during the National Anthem
"1. I think it's whatever they believe. This is a way of them expressing their beliefs. I think it's whatever they think it's helping. 
2. As our first amendment says we have the freedom of speech, I think that it's his opinion and he has a right to…"
10 hours ago
3McKenna replied to 4brenden's discussion Church shooting results in one death and seven wounded.
"1. I think that he should definitely get prison time. He did murder so I think he should have a long sentence. I think he should get some mental help as well. 
2. I would just let them know of my support. I would also probably try to donate some mon…"
10 hours ago
3McKenna replied to 5Olivia's discussion Hershey Park opens Chocolate Spa
"1. I would probably go and look at it. I don't think I would go to the spa because I wouldn't really want chocolate on me. If it's free I would like to, but if it costs, I don't think it's worth it. 
2. I've heard that dark chocolate is good for hea…"
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Sep 11
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Sep 5
3McKenna replied to 6Kyle's discussion Man arrested for shooting at protesters
"1. I believe this is enough time. Although he didn't injure anybody, he could've. Also he had a gun brought to this public place and was using it against people. It also doesn't help his cause any that he was near a school. I definitely think that h…"
Aug 31
3McKenna replied to 8Cassidy k 's discussion Logans Story
"1. I believe that it depends on the situation and the age of the child. If the child is young and doesn't have a lot of common sense or is vulnerable then no. I think that if they're older and can be trusted alone then it's fine. I think that if the…"
Aug 31
3McKenna replied to 4Douglas's discussion North Korea War Preparation
"1. I believe that North Korea is planning on attacking one of our bases. As I've read in some articles that our military might have the power and weapons to stop those missiles in flight so therefore I'm not sure what Kim Jong Un will do. I think th…"
Aug 31
3McKenna replied to 3 Angelina's discussion Man Put to Death in Florida by Experimental Injection
"1. I definitely agree with Angelina as not every crime needs to be punished with execution, this man does deserve to be executed. To me it seems like an eye for an eye kind of deal, killing somebody who has killed others. I think that since he murde…"
Aug 27
3McKenna replied to 5Ashley's discussion Cheerleader Forced into the Splits
"1. First of all I would be very upset with the school and staff. As this would be my own kid I would want the people involved fired right away. As this violates so many codes of ethic and rules, I would feel like the school and administration were n…"
Aug 27
3McKenna replied to 6andy's discussion 2,000 rescued from Houston
"1. I think it's a good idea as they need as much help as they can get. It never hurts to ask, and it's not like they're forcing any of them to help. I believe they did the right thing by asking because if I were in a situation like this, I would def…"
Aug 27
3McKenna replied to 3Maeve's discussion Myanmar Clashes Between Government and People
"1. Until now, I had not heard of the issues in Myanmar. I think it could be a concern to the U.S as it seems that Trump would most likely try and do something. I think it could affect the people in our country that are of those religions, as they mi…"
Aug 27
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