Zombie drug

A new drug called Xylazine is a  growing and ravaging drug. The reason this drug is so scary is cause it has been recorded to increase the chance to overdose and even worse has had reports of even rotting the users skin.

Now what is this drug exactly? 

To answer this its a veterinary tranquilizer being cut with other drugs. According to the DEA this drug is also a potentiator meaning it increases the high of any other drug it is mixed with.  its been recorded to cause rotting of the skin and sometimes to the bone and severe drowsiness practically putting someone in a "zombie state". Recently lawmakers in illinois have been trying look to make missuses of this drug a crime especially since its not made for humans at all.


Now whats your opinion? should this drug be a federal crime and what should be done to prevent this?

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  • Good topic choice Kody!  I would like to see your summary a bit longer and you only replied one time and that part is worth 30 points. Posted late.

  • People shoudln't be taking it if it literally rots their skin and has a high chance to overdose. If it's not even meant on to be on humans so why would you want to be using that on yourself. It should definetely be illegal

  • I really don't think this drug should be legal anywhere for production. It should be a federal crime for using or selling it. It is a very dangerous drug that shouldn't be used. It should just stop being made, so bad people can't get it an hurt people with it.

  • I think this drug should be illegal to produce. I think it seems very dangerouse. In my opinion people should be very very careful with what they put into there bodies. Escpesially drugs like this.

  • I most definitely thing this drug should be illegal to produce. The government should stop the producing of it immediately. The government should find the person producing this drug and stop it immediately. The world would be an even worse place to live if this zombie drug got into the wrong hands.

  • I think that is should not be legal to produce or have possession of this drug it seems like it could be very dangerous to the person that is going to use it and if people are producing this they should stop because it could be killing people.

  • I think that it should not be legal to produce or have possession of this drug. I think that police may be able to track or get already arrested people to find out where the drug is being produced or who is in current possession of this drug. I can't even imagine what would happen if this "zombie drug" becomes more popular.

  • I think that this drug should be a federal crime if caught with it. I dont even know why somebody would take this drug if it has a chance of doing that much to your body. This drug should be banished and made so it cant be bought or obtained at all.

  • I think that this drug should be illegal because of what this can do to people. I think a way to prevent it is have organizations try to trak the drugs to make it and track to see if people are buying all of them at once to see if they are making it.

  • I think this drug is scary and not good at all. It should not be legal or even made anywhere. It is too dangerous to have near anyone at all. If is is not a fedral crime soon it will not be good. This should be a fedral crime very soon this drug is very bad.

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