You Can No longer Drink At the world Cup.

Did you know you can no longer drink at the world cup. Fifa has confirmed alcohol will be banned for World Cup fans at grounds in a major and unprecedented volte-face just two days before the tournament will kick off in Qatar. The news that it will not be sold inside or around the perimeter of stadiums was confirmed by Fifa in a terse statement on Friday afternoon.

BudWiser has been making a deal with the world cup for being a sponser But this year alchahol is no longer alloud at the world cup. Fans are really upset with this new regligation. 

As we all know drinking is a big part of sports and this years world cup is a big disapointment for fans who drink at these games. These games are really exspencive to get into So why cant they drink. I feel like they should allow drinking because of the price the fans are paying to get in.



Do you think they should allow drinking?


Do you think this was a bad decision?


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  • I think that allowing drinking would lead to many injuries and posible some deaths however I also think that Qatar could make a lot more money it they would just alow people to drink. They would make more money by people buying beer as well as people buying other food while they are drunk.

  • I think it is good and bad because it is a way to make less money and to be honest it might effect people wanting to go. some people want a beer while they watch it so if they don't have beer or other drinks they might not want to go. the good part is that it could make so nobody gets drunk and streaks the feild or makes other dumb decisions that they could get arrested or fined for.

  • I think that they might start losing fans. Or most people will decide to watch from home due to this rule. I see why people would be upset about this rule. But I can see why they would prohibit alcohol at the World Cup Games. There are a lot of fans from around the world. So they might want to limit the number of accidents that are caused by alcohol 

  • I think that they should be allowed alcoholic drinks because at every sporting event you go to they sell them. It is a big part of sports. And the stadium also makes money off of it so I think that they should sell them.  

  • I think that not allowing alcoholic drinks in the stadium is a good decision for the safety of all in attendance at the games. I understand that some may feel that for the price they pay for the ticket that they should be able to drink. However, drinking drastically impairs a person depending on how much is consumed, which may affect their ability to watch the game at all. 

  • I think people should be able to drink at the world cup. I think if it's a huge issue then they could  limit how many drinks each person can have. Selling alcohol is a huge money maker. Might as well give the people what they want. 

  • I think they should allow people to drink at the world cup. Not only is that a lot more money and sales that they could be making, but that's the fun of soccer games for most people. I don't think they would strike or anything, but to fans used to it they would probably be really mad to get into the game and find out they can't drink. 

  • I don't really care rather people are able to drink or not at games. I can see why some people think that they shouldn't be able to because they make more poor choices. I can understand some people would like to drink and have a good time. I am not against either.

  • It's been like a tradition for people to drink at games because it's always been such a big part of sports. This could cause the World Cup to lose a lot of fans, and not make as much money. I think that it was a bad idea for them to realize the announcement so last minute. 

  • I can definetly see why people would want to drink at the games, beacuse it has always been such a big part of sports. But, I think that it might be for the best that people can't drink, and it is the choice of whoever is putting on the World Cup, so people can't really do anything about it. I think that this could cause the World Cup to lose a lot of fans, and not make as much money.

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