You Can No longer Drink At the world Cup.

Did you know you can no longer drink at the world cup. Fifa has confirmed alcohol will be banned for World Cup fans at grounds in a major and unprecedented volte-face just two days before the tournament will kick off in Qatar. The news that it will not be sold inside or around the perimeter of stadiums was confirmed by Fifa in a terse statement on Friday afternoon.

BudWiser has been making a deal with the world cup for being a sponser But this year alchahol is no longer alloud at the world cup. Fans are really upset with this new regligation. 

As we all know drinking is a big part of sports and this years world cup is a big disapointment for fans who drink at these games. These games are really exspencive to get into So why cant they drink. I feel like they should allow drinking because of the price the fans are paying to get in.



Do you think they should allow drinking?


Do you think this was a bad decision?


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  • Your topic is fine Casey buut you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think that drinking should be allowed in the fifa world cup only in a certain section of the stands and have it supervised.  I think it could have been a bad decision because since there is no drinking there could be less tickets sold because people enjoy the drinks at the fifa world cup.

  • In my personal opinion, I think that it was a very poor decision on FIFA's part. Alcohol sales at the World Cup games are a major contributor to FIFA's monetary profit during the tournament. Although, I can still see why the organization would want to combat the negatives of having alcoholic beaverages at the tournament's games.

  • I think that this is a good idea in general but bad for FIFA. The 2022 World Cup is sponsored by Budweiser and I think that is a bad agreement between FIFA World Cup and Budweiser. I think that they should allow it at least for the first half and not the second half. That would be the only way I would possibly allow it. 

  • I think in was a bad decision for FIFA to ban drinking at the World Cup. These drinks are a huge profit for the buisnesses inside the stadium, and I am sure those buisnesses are unhappy with this decision too. I can understand some of the reasons FIFA banned drinking at the World Cup, but overall I think it was a bad decision.

  • I think that fans should be allowed to drink alcohol at the world cup. The price is outrageous its $140 per pint a fan buys. Thats and additional paycheck for the stadium owners. Plus a world cup is a good reason to drink.

  • I think that they shouldn't have banned drinking at the world cup. Having alcohol at the world cup helps bring them more money, and they might not make as much now that they banned it. I can also see why they might have banned it though so that no one does anything bad if they get drunk. 

  • I personally believe that it was a bad idea to ban drinking for adults at the World cup. One reason that they should'nt have banned drinking is that some people might not want to go because you can't drink. Alot of adults go to the World cup to drink and have fun. 

  • I think that drinking should be allowed at the world cup because it is a sporting event and it would benefit the stadium to sell alcohol. I think that it was not a smart decision to not sell alcohol at the world cup games because alcohol drives a lot of revenue, especially at sporting events.

  • i think that it was a bad idea to ban drinking because adult's at the world cup went to watch soccer and drink. Also it is a good way of making money especially with a ton of adults. I think alot of people will get mad because they paid for tickets and expected to watch soccer and drink.

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