Will Donald Trump be The First President Indicted?

In the past few weeks, a possible indictment of ex president, Donald Trump, has been in discussion. First of all, what is an indictment? An indictment is a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime. If you have watched any news outlets in the past weeks you probably would have heard of what is going on. This case is such a big deal because Donald Trump could become the first U.S. president to be indicted. There have been multiple investigations placed upon him that may get him indicted. To begin, Trump is being investigated for paying an adult film star, Stormy Daniels, hush money. 


Accusations of Trump having an affair with Stormy Daniels have been surfacing for years. However, there are some who are wanting to charge Trump for it. Trump allegedly paid the adult film actress one hundred and thirty thousand dollars for her to not say anything about it. The reason he is being investigated is because these expenses were marked down as “legal fees” which can be a felony in the state of New York. However, Trump stands by the allegations of being fake, saying things like “I’m not frustrated by it. It’s a fake investigation. We did nothing wrong – I told you that.” Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, claims that Trump ordered him to pay Daniels to keep her quiet. Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years on December 12, 2018. 

Also, Trump is being investigated for multiple other potential crimes. One of them being the possible interference with the 2020 election. It is said that he tried to have the state of Georgia recount or find enough votes to overturn his loss. He also claimed that the state of Georgia shredded some of his votes. It is said that he tried bribing or threatening Georgia about his conspiracy.

Lastly, another investigation that all of you might have heard about is the investigation about the January 6th riot. There are people who think that he should be blamed for it. Some say that he incited violence or that he didn’t try to stop it when he knew what was happening. I think that what happened that day was a shame, but I don't know who should be blamed for it.


I personally am not on either side of these arguments. However, it seems to me that Trump isn’t in the best situation. Who knows, he might get off the hook, or he will be arrested for them. Only time will tell what will happen to the ex president, Donald Trump.


Do you think that Donald Trump is guilty of these allegations, why or why not?

What is your opinion on the whole situation?





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  • Good topic choice and great summary! Be sure to reply a bit more and it was a bit late. +5

  • I am not really sure if Donald Trump is guilty or not and I don’t know if he will be prosecuted. I also don’t know enough about the situation to actually form an opinion on it. Except that personally, I would not be shocked if he did turn out to be guilty for this crime or some other crime in the future.

  • I think that Trump is not guilty. Some  famous people often have random people saying things just to get money. I think that this person's main purpose is to make sure that Trump is not able to become president in the next election.

  • I think that these allegations could definitely be the case. However, famous people often times have random people saying things just to get money. I think that this person's main purpose of this is to make sure that Trump is not able to get president this next ellection.

  •  I am not sure if he is guilty or not. I agree that he is in a bad place. I think that it is going to be very interesting to watch and see what happens. I find the whole situation interesting and some of the things that has happened with him or his presidency has been things that have never happened so that makes me think that maybe somehting could happen.

  • I think that these allegations are believable but I'm not sure if they are true, I think that he is innocent until proven guilty. My opinion on the whole situation is that I think it would be kinda funny seeing him get arrested.

  • I don't think Trump is guilty. He has started problems in the past and has offended people so they like to make up rumors about him just to start more problems. The press also has an obsession with making up lies about Trump so this is probably another example of that. I don't think Trump has done those things, but who knows, maybe they know something we don't.

  • I do not think that Trump is guitly. I think this because many people do not like him so they are just finding ways to get him arrested and then if he gets arrested then he wont be able to run for president. It could both ways tho he could find his ways or he could go to jail.

  • I do not know whether or not he is guilty. If he is, then he should go to jail. If he isn't, I hope he runs for president again. He is a strong leader, un like Biden. Biden has made our country weaker. I think if Trump is not guilty, our country will come back strong. 

  • I think that he should be elected again because we need to make America strong again. Biden is a coward and made our country week. I think trump had great ideas and did very well with our country. Biden is a dumby, I think that he needs to come back and the allegations are not true fake news as he would say. I think that the demacrats are week and just want a pupet they can controll in the office. He is a week president and we need a change fast because Biden is making America cowerdly with his dumb talks and ideas.

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