Will Biden go to war if a NATO country is attacked.

WIll Biden go to war if a NATO country is attacked? Joe Biden said that americans were ready to fight against the russians if any of the NATO countries are in crisis. Biden said "if russia procedes then we will rally the world" meaning he will get the other nato countries and fight russia and their allies. if Biden does go to war when the NAtO countries are attacked then he will deploy his troups at that country and not go through Ukrain.



i belive that biden will not go through with this as this would waste some of the americans soldiers and we could use them elsewhere. then again i also belive biden might as he would just want to get the war over with and the way he could think of that is scaring russia with americas force.



Will biden go through with war?

what is your Point of view on this?

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  • Hunter, 

    Youir topic is fine but your summary is short and you only replied one time(which is worth 30 points). It also a day late.

  • I personally believe that if someone did attact some NATO country then yes we would have to go to war because we would have to defend that country. I also think that Biden should know when the right moment is to actually go to war is "I hope".

  • I think if a NATO country is attacked then the United States and the other NATO countries will have to go to war in order to defend the country that was attacked. Part of being in NATO is defending all the other NATO countries from any threats or attacks. 

  •  I am not sure what will happen, we will just have to wait and see what happens because there is no way to even predict. My point of view on this is that I don't have enough information on it to correctly figure out what I think. Before I give my opinion I prefer to understand, at least partly, both sides of the agument and with this I feel I don't have enough information.

  • I don't really know too much about this topic. If I had to guess, I think that Biden will put us through the war if NATO is attacked. I think that Biden "should" know whether to go to war or not at certain times. However, I can also see us not going to war.

    • i agree it all matters on what biden thinks would be best for us. i honestly feel staying out of the war for a little bit then stepping in if the other countries are not working the best and putting a stop to it would be better.

  • I do think that Biden would put us through war if they start attacking NATO. I feel like Biden has enough common sense to keep NATO on our side and if we don't help fight back they could leave NATO and start attacking us.

  • Biden doesn't have the brain cells to speak how is he going have the skills to be control of his troops he doesn't have the general knowledge of a 5 year old how is he suppose to be control of these troops I think he will not go thru with it.

  • I think that biden is too much of a big puss to go to war. He will not have the skills to control the troops. I do not think that Biden knows what he is doing even if he is sober. We need a president that knows his stuff not just some random braindead off of the streets of california.

  • I do think that biden will go to war if the NATOS get attacked. I think that he shouldnt but I still think he will because of our relationship with them. I feel like if we were getting attacked they would help so we would have to pay respect by helping them.

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