White-Collar Jobs Or Blue-Collar Jobs?

White-Collar Jobs Or Blue-Collar Jobs?


Well, mostly that's a personal preference on what kind of environment you want to work in. If you want to be in an office all day long and sit at a desk then the white-collar job is best for you. If you like to work outside and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty then the blue-collar job is for you. 


White-collar workers are those who work in offices doing non-manual work. These jobs include medical professionals, accountants… and many more. White-collar workers are the ones that will probably be the blue-collar workers' bosses. 


Blue-collar workers are those who perform manual labor jobs. These jobs can be Mechanics, truck drivers, construction workers, and lots more. Blue-collar workers are employees of white-collar workers. They will get their hand dirty to get the job done. 


Personally, I don't want to be cooped up inside all day I would have a blue-collar job. I would be a mechanic because my dad has taught me a lot about cars but I still have a lot to learn. 


Blue or White? 

What would you wear?

What job would you be interested in? 



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  • Good topic and +5 for being a new topic. I do think your summary is a bit brief and while you started the week replying, that stopped as the week went on.

  • While I think that both are equally important, there are a lot more blue collar jobs out there that need to be filled. They run our country and without them we wouldn't be where we are today. I would personally want a white collar job because I want to work as something in an educational field.

  • I think that both blue-collar and white-collar jobs are important and depend on each other in some ways. There are both blue-collar and white-collar jobs that are interesting to me, but in the future I would see myself in more of a white-collar career.

  • I think that both blue or white collar jobs are important. Personally, I think I would do better with a white collar job. I think jobs in both blue collar jobs and white collar jobs sound interesting, I just think I am better at things that would fit in a white collar job. 

  • My opinion is that a job is a job you are either good at or you aren't. And if you don’t like your situation then you need to change it. And sure they aren’t paid the same. “White-collar jobs”  require enhanced knowledge for the job, but “Blue-collar jobs” you can go into right after high school. 

  • i feel blue coller jobs are more improtant as they have people building houses working with electricity plumbing welding which are all usefull in everyones everyday life. with blue coller jobs you can wear anything as long as it is safe and not really loose. i personally want to go into carpentry which is a blue coller job as i would love to build houses for people and it would keep me in shape.

  • I think it depends on the person. Personally, I think blue-collar jobs help our country do things. Blue-collar jobs help build and shape the world. Plus you learn something new every day since there are so many different jobs and things to do.    

  • I think I would prefer white, I know quite a bit about anything really in the blue collar range, but I myself take more interest in white collar jobs. I work at the bowling alley and I really enjoy waitressing. I personally feel that it's just as difficult to do but just less physically demanding.

  • I think blue collar jobs are the backbone of our country. They provide so much for our country. Blue collar jobs can be unique and very interesting. I also think you can learn new things everyday. When I'm older I believe I'll work for a blue collar job. 

  • I think if i had to wear these i think i would wear white because white can go with any color and you wouldnt have to wear certain clothes that would match with blue. I think I would be like working as plummer cause thats what do during the summer.

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