What motivates you to pay attention in school?

          Back in January a survey was done in a few schools asking students what motivated them to try in school. Most students said having a good interest in the topic or having a teacher that is passionate helps them get through the class. But what makes you motivated for school? Some kids enjoy their classes so they don't have to worry about being motivated to do their work. Other kids dislike school so much that they won't do their homework or they will cause trouble at school to get out of it. It is important to be motivated at school because it will help you stay focused on your goals in school. A lot of kids start the year with a lot of motivation but as the school year goes on they start to lose their motivation. Teachers can sometimes contribute to the loss of motivation due to the amount of work they expect students to complete. A sudden loss of motivation can also be a sign of stress or depression.


Do you have one specific thing or multiple that motivates you to pay attention in school?

what motivates you to try in school?


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  • Your topic is fine but your summary is a bit brief. You also didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points. A day late as well.

  • Probably if the class is interesting and isn't boring. I have a hard time paying attention in class if the teachers would make the class more fun I guarantee a lot more students would get a better grade in the class. So only if the class is interesting to me, will I try to pay attention. 

  • In my personal case, I think that I keep myself motivated simply because I do not want to do poorly in my classes, and I want to get into a good school later in life. Although I sometimes slack off and don't always pay attention, I make sure I get my work done the best quality that I can. 

  • I think that my motivation to pay attention in school is mainly for my own sake. I know that it will affect me in the long run some time or another and it really bugs me if I know I am slacking off and choosing not to do something. Getting good grades motivates me, I know that isn't for everyone, but it works for me.

  • I have a goal-gpa that I want to hit each quarter. Even though I procrastinate sometimes, knowing what mistakes will keep me from hitting my goal keeps me from completely not turning in assignments. This isn't the best technique, because it sometimes takes me a very long time to gain the motivation and I can only focus when I'm under a time crunch.

  • Personally, I try to pay attention but sometimes it's really hard. I stay motivated because I want to get good grades and also I want to have a better chance to get into a better college and possibly get more scholarship opportunities.

  • I like eating a good breakfeast before I go to school because it motivates me to get through the day nice.  I like talking to friends to keep me relaxed and it makes school go smooth. Some classes are hard to pay attention in because they are boring.

  • I really only do my stuff in school, because my mom would be really mad at me if I didn't. So personally I just do the best I can to pay attention in school, but some days it is so much harder to pay attention than other days. I do not like school, so its hard to stay motivated.

  • I personally do not think that there is one specific thing that motivates me to pay attention in school. But I strive to get good grades for academic validation for myself and to make my parents proud, and in order to get those grades I have to pay attention during class. 

  • I don't really have anything to keep me motivated in school if im being completely honest. School has absolutely nothing to do with my future life and my current life other than for me to hate it and find it extremely annoying. All you do is be trapped doing absolutely nothing to help you in the future that you might not even like doing. "The best way to keep someone in a prision, is to have them never know that they weren't in prision" -Unkown. 

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