Vaccinating Pigs

Why has vaccinating pigs been such a rude awakening for people who do not believe in killing animals? Not only have people complained about hog/pig work, they have talked about cattle ranchers as well. Not just the point that the animals that are used for meat and drinks, the point the people are trying to get at is why, why must people do this to “poor animals”. 


The reasoning for the pigs being vaccinated is they are needed to have the right health in order to be healthy and strong. Not just that but, I'm talking they need to be at full potential so when they get older they can easily be strong, healthy and made for food. Yes, vaccinating pigs might sound awful to people that do not believe in hurting and using animals, but they do not understand how tough it is to get in a pin and vaccinate the pigs.


Although with all things said, the work must be done no matter what people agree on and disagree on. We can not make the world happy with all the choices we make, but we can make the world happy with the meat we produce. Yes it is a dirty job to vaccinate the pigs but if it wasn’t for the vaccination there would be no healthy pork to eat.

Do you eat Pork?

Do you agree on vaccinations?

How do you feel about this topic?,Withdrawal%20time%2021%20days.&text=Vaccinate%20with%202%20doses%2C%203%E2%80%935%20weeks%20apart%20with%20the,Revaccinate%20annually%20before%20breeding.


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  • Good topic choice and good job replying to people Reichan! I do think your summary couyld be longer by going more into the pros and cons of vaccinating hogs.

  • I don't eat pork - or any meat in general. The vaccinations make sense to me in order to provide the amount of meat society demands. However, I don't think that it is right. The meat consume became outrageous. The animals get vaccinations and other medicine to stay healthy. And then the humans eat the meat which has still some of the medicine in it. One day, human begin to become resistent to the medicine they get in the hospital because of the meat consume. 

  • I think that pigs and all farm animals should be vaccinated because if they are not then we could get sick by eating them. This could also lead to wide desease spread though the farms causing meat to be scarse and not enough. 

  • Personally, I eat pork, and I think that farm animals, not just pigs, should all be vaccinated. It would be beneficial for all because it is much better for the animals' health and the people who are eating it. Just to make sure the pig don't get sick and the producers don't lose the meet of the pigs.

  • I think that pigs should be vaccinated because if you get a disease in the hog barn it could wipe out all the pigs in there and then they die so vaccinating pigs helps\ them not get diseases so you don't have to worry as much about dead hogs and losing money.

  • I believe that vaccinating pigs is important and necessary to keep them and other pigs around them healthy. Not only could them getting sick, affect a whole herd of pigs but it could affect the health of those eating the pork too. 

    • I agree that the vaccinations are very important no matter if you are around the pigs or not around them what so ever. There are many diseases on us and clothes that if the baby pig gets it can easliy kill the baby and others.

  • I personally don't eat pork as I'm a pescatarian. but I still feel that pigs should be vaccinated. the people who do eat meat should be able to have healthy and clean meat.

  • Yes, I eat pork. I think that vaccinating the pigs is nessacary. I have around 2500 pigs and some of them get sick and die. But when we are able to vaccinate them they become better and are healthy again. It helps them from carrying diseases and making other hogs from getting sick. The vaccinations are not bad for the animale they just help them. 

    • I agree vacinating pigs is a big neccacry. Where I work they have 40,000 pigs and a lot get sick and end up dieing if they were not treated the right way before heading towards us. But, it does help them prevent diseases and things like that.

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