Today's learning opportunity overlaps US History and current events so we will combine both groups in to one. Please watch John Greene's Crash Course video on the War on Terror and share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below. Thanks!

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  • I definitely consider terrorism to be a problem in our world. I understand that there are some countries that harbor more terrorists than usual, and I respect the government's movement to protect us from the terrorists within those countries and our own. However, I dislike how sometimes people face prejudice from being from one of the countries known for terrorism. Even though these people may have done nothing at all to show or act as though they are terrorists or support the terrorists, they are still discriminated against by some members of our society. I think that that is unjust, and while I'm glad that America is doing its best to fight against terrorism, I think sometimes people are too paranoid to consider that not every person from a country with terrorism will be a terrorist too, and this paranoia can quickly hurt the lives of innocent people. It's definitely difficult to find a middle ground between being on guard and being prejudicial.

  • I think that terrorism is a serious issue because it's killed lots of people and it's pretty scary. I have no idea what I would do about terrorism because I wouldn't want to infringe on people's freedoms while trying to protect them, but also wouldn't want people to die due to terrorists. I think that as long as the government is careful while people are flying internationally and protect our borders we should be okay. I also think that the government should keep a close eye on countries known for having terrorists. Other than that, I'm not sure what I would do. I feel like any decision a president would make towards the war on terriorists would be controversial.

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