May the 4th be with you!!  There is only one thing I can do on Star Wars Day and that is to put out a history of Star Wars video. Sorry if you hate Star Wars but it is required wathing todau in my opinion. Please enjoy and share your thoughts and comments about Star Wars and the video below.

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  • I think that the creativity and concepts in Star Wars is incredible, but it's definitely very overwhelming to be a newcomer. There's so much information to take in, and it can be incredibly confusing. I would love to get into Star Wars, but I feel as though it would be very difficult to be able to have a full understanding on everything that's going on and everything that happened in the past that led up to what's happening in the present. Overall, I like the the concept of Star Wars, and I think that it is very well thought-out and executed. 

  • Star Wars is pretty confusing to me. I watched the original 6 movies with my dad, but stopped after that because it got too confusing. I've never really loved the Star War series, but in my opinion it just got worse over time. Even after watching the video I'm still confused on who people are and the timeline of everything. The first 3 movies were probably my favorite and were somewhat interesting and not too confusing. 

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