The Georgia Bulldogs recently won the college national championship in a landslide 65-7 victory over TCU's horned frogs. This was the Bulldogs 3rd AP National Championship is history so it was a big time win. Celebrations in Georgia have been striving resulting this huge win for the Bulldogs. The atmosphere in and around the UGA campus was high as could be, that is until disaster struck. 

On sunday January 14, following a parade and stadium celebration Sophomore Offensive lineman Devin willock, his teammate Junior Warren Mclendon, Recruiting staffers Chandler Lecroy, and Tory bowles were driving a school SUV at 2:45 Am. Reports show that they were speeding on roads around the Campus. After losing control driver Chandler Lecroy slid into and power pole, hit two trees, and a parked car before coming to a stop killing Devin Willock and Chandler Lecroy who weren't wearing seatbelts.

Passenger Warren Mclendon a "junior offensive lineman who is entering the 2023 Nfl draft" suffered injuries that hospitalized him, and Recruiter Tory Bowles also suffered worse injuries. The School said the vehicle was supposed to only be used for "Recruiting Activities" which was not followed by the recruiters. The car was supposed to be returned that evening, which if the request was followed then the crash wouldn't have happened.

Would you have followed the request to return the car?

How much potential do you think Devin Willock could've had farther on in football?

Do you think that Warren Mclendon will still be drafted despite his injuries?

How do you think that other players can avoid trajic incidents like this?


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  • Accident stories are not the best stories to do as they just don't lead to good discussion.  You summary is well done but I wouild like to see more of your thoughts and opiniuons within it. Also be sure to reply to students comments as its worth 30 points. You only had one but had you replied you probabaly would have had more.

  • I do not understand why they didn't return the car and when I use something I do not own I try to return it as soon as I can and in good condition. I don't know much about football so I do not know how mych farther he could've gotten in football but most likely further than he did. I do not know about drafting so I have no idea if he will be drafted or how bad his injuries. I do not know how this happens or how to prevent it from happening.

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