Tiktok is an app where people make many different types of videos to entertain people that watch. Tiktok is a very used app for everyone in this world. everyone uses it and there are many famous people on tiktok. It was called musically before it was renamed to tiktok. its been around for many years. A couple years ago Donald Trump tried to ban tiktok in America because the Chinese were spying on us. Donald trump could not finalize the ban on tiktok and everyone kept on using it. Tiktok is now under another cercomstance of getting banned again. Joe Biden wants to either buy out the Chinese company or put a ban on this app because of national security concerns. 

If America does buy out the company everyone will be using it without anyone supposedly spying on us. If Biden does ban the app we will never see tiktok again on anyones phone because of the ban. Biden thinks hes protecting us from the chinese when all anyones doing is just watching short funny videos.

In my opinion I don't think we should ban tiktok. I don't think the chinese are spying on us through tiktok. I think if we ban tiktok a lot of people will be mad and upset.


why would the Chinese be spying on us through tiktok?

Do you use the tiktok app if so how long a day?



cite- https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/18/tech/tiktok-ban-explainer/index.html



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  • I do not think that the chinese are spying on us through tiktok. I think they have other more effective methods of spying. I do use tiktok for a little bit every day. It can get boring pretty fast. I still believe it is not worth banning or buying it out though. We should probably keep tiktok.

    • I agree with this I do not think they are spying.

  • I think there are some concerns a person could have about the security of the app. However, the data that TikTok holds is no different than any other social media platform. Your search engines sell your data to every social media site. Recently, Meta had to pay a settlement for selling user data to Cambridge Analytica. We have had our data scraped for years, so I don't understand what the hysterics are surrounding TikTok. The hearing between TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew and congress was absolutely ridiculous. The questions asked really show our congress's age and how they are not equipped to handle modern problems to do with technology; they simply do not understand it enough. If TikTok does get banned, I'm not going to throw a fit or be super mad. I think it could be beneficial for everyone to spend less time on their phones.

  • TikTok shouldn't be banned, that's it. But, the bill that's trying to pass that is banning TikTok only has the headline of banning TikTok. This bill also gives more privacy to online users in general. Most people don't want their data used at all, and this bill will prevent that, while also banning tik tok.

    • I agree that they should not ban tiktok.

  • I don't think the Chinese are spying on use threw our phones because other apps are owned by Chinese businesses and we have no problem with them. I do use tiktok a lot in my daily life. 

    • I agree with this and do not think they are spying on us through tiktok.

  • Good topic Brody, too short of a summary tho, but very good topic, anyways I use tiktok everyday for enjoyment and enteritament, tiktok is everybodys favorite thing for something to do when bored or scrolling on social media.

    • I agree with this.

    • I agree with you reichan that being bored is a serious problem for some people such as quandale dingle which makes him go to tiktok where the chinese might be spying oin him. In the end I think that fortnite will eventually get banned before tinotk.

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