The truth about guns in the US

With over 400 million firearms in the U.S, America has the most armed civilians in the world. But is this a bad thing? Recently you will see on the news that a mass shooting took place in Nashville tennessee. A 28 year old Audrey Hale entered the Covenant School and killed 6 people. Law enforcement’s response was quick and effective, killing the shooter within 14 minutes of the first 911 call. Since 2018 there have been 158 school shootings. When these types of shootings happen the response from primarily left-wing politicians is more restrictions on a constitutional right i.e gun control. 

According to the CDC there are approximately 45,000 gun related deaths in this country yearly. However the CDC’s studies have shown that over 60% of these gun deaths are suicides, Actual gun homicides only take up 36% of gun deaths in america. That's only 16200 gun related homicides yearly. More people are killed each year from car accidents, yet politicians don't want to ban cars. Considering that we have 400 million guns the numbers should be much higher, but its not. America is not even in the top 10 in the world for gun violence per 100,000 people.  


Most left-wing politicians say that banning Ar-15s and other rifles should be a top priority for this country because it's “common sense”. However, less than 3% of gun violence is committed with rifles, more people are stabbed to death with knives than AR-15. More people are beaten to death with hands and feet than AR-15 The Vast majority of gun violence in this country is committed with handguns (over 70%). 

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  • Well done Alex! Be sure to reply on three different days. Late one day.

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  • I don't think guns are a problem, it's the wrong people owning them. If they were to ban guns they would be taking rights away and make a lot of people mad. People are always going to find a way to get their hands on weapons no matter what.

  • I believe that if guns are purchased by the wrong people then they are very bad, but there are great people in this world that are safe with guns. In my opion guns in the US don't need to get banned. If there every try to it is going to be very had to get it to pass. 

  • I think that guns are a problem when they get into the wrong peoples hands. Guns are very useful for many other things and I do think that they aren't the problem. The people who are shooting the guns are. Considering how low the US is for gun violence, I don't think that guns need to be banned or taken away at all. 

  • Yes I think they are a problem because there are to many death's over the years at schools. There are people out in the world that own guns just because they can and they don't even use them for what the purpose they got them for.

  • I do not think that guns are a problem because they have saved a lot of lifes and if the military has not had any guns then how would we fight wars. Would be just play rock, paper, siccors, or are we going to get stuff done.

    • Thats very true coltan, on the topic on saving lifes the CDC says there are 60,000 to 2.5 million self defense cases in the US every year, so guns save more lifes than they take.

  • I think that guns are not a problem. Some people say that guns kill people but it's not it's the person that's operating the gun and pointing it at things or living things but as long as the people know how to handle the gun and know how to operate it. I think that it's a good thing that we have guns because we can protect ourselves and use it for self-defense.

    • You are right aidan people always forget that there is a human being that is operating these firearms and that something in them made them want to commit these crimes

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