The History of Disney World

Walt Disney World opened to the public on October 1, 1971, and has been wildly popular ever since. Disney World is a resort that people travel across the world to visit. This park currently contains multiple different theme parks, water parks, and many hotel resorts. Even to this day, the park continues to add new features that are bigger and better than the last. Disney World attracts over 50 million visitors per year and is labeled the most visited vacation destination in the world. This resort is located in Orlando, Florida and is about 43 square miles.

Many people have heard about Disney World, but don’t know the history of it. It all started because of Disneyland. Walt Disney came up with the idea of Disneyland after visiting another amusement park in Los Angeles. He wanted a place that children and their parents could go and enjoy their time together. Disneyland opened on July 5,1955. After seeing the success that Disneyland had, Walt Disney wanted to expand beyond that. They started the construction of this new theme park on May 30,1967. Unfortunately, Walt Disney became ill and died from lung cancer in 1966, so he wasn’t able to see any of the construction for this park.

Disney World started with just one theme park, Magic Kingdom. This quickly led to the company wanting to expand the park further. The next theme park was called the EPCOT Center, and was opened in 1982. This part of the resort featured several of Walt’s ideas that he wasn’t able to introduce when he was alive. Later that decade, in 1989, the third theme park was opened as Hollywood Studios. This park was inspired by show business, like television and music. Currently, the most recent addition to the parks is the fourth theme park, being Animal Kingdom, which opened in 1998. There are many other additions to the park, but these have been the main 4 so far. 

Personally, I’ve never been to Disney World or Disneyland, but I would like to visit someday. The history of these resorts is very interesting and isn’t one that most people would think is as deep as it is. Although Walt Disney wasn’t able to see the creation of this park, I think he would be proud of how it came out, and how successful it turned out to be.


Have you ever been to Disney World? or Disneyland?

Did you enjoy going if you did? 

What is your favorite part about Disney World?

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  • I have never been to Disney World, or Disneyland but I wouldn't mind going to either of these places, it sounds fun, but more like it's childish, like it's just for kids. I think it woul dbe fun, yes, but at the same time it seems childish. For kids it would be a dream full of princesses and disney characters. 

    • I agree, it does sound fun but can be a little childish though. If I had the choice I would go anyway.

  • The only Disney park I have been to is the EPCOT Center because my family chose to go to Orlando studios instead. I did enjoy going to EPCOT and I got cleats I really liked for a great price. All the food we got there was also really good.

    • That sounds fun. At least you got to go to one of them, and it would be fun to visit with your family.

  • Yes, I have been to Disney world and Disney land but it was a while ago. Yes, I enjoyed going because I got to ride horses andit'ss just a fun and entertaining place to be. My favorite part of Disney world was the other kids I could be with and mess around with. 

    • Many people went when they were younger but don't remember much of it. It would be fun to go again now that you can remember it better.

  • I have not ever been to Disneyland or Disney World, but I think it would be fun to go at some point. I think it would be fun if I went. I want to ride the rides and go to all the shops, the food also looks good when I see pictues of it.

    • Me neither, I have never been to either of them but would like to go. There is many fun things to do there.

  • Yes, I have been to both Disney World and Disneyland twice. I went a long time ago though, we're probably going again soon. Yes, it was a great experience to go. My favorite part is that it literally feels like i am in a movie, i loved it.

    • I have never been to either of them, but it sounds really fun.

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