The Darker Side of Science

It is no surprise that the human brain is the most unknown part of the human body It make sure everything works so its no wonder people tried to figure out the brain but not in the sanest ways. One of There were many people who tried to make a successful head transplant in Russia in 1954 a scientist Vladimir demikhov who was a organ specialist how attempted to attach another dogs head to another body making a 2 headed dog which growled licked the hand that caressed it and panted and took in milk But only lived for six days after that dog passed Vladimir demikhov made many more transplants with the dogs lasting longer and longer up to 29 days for one of them this gave surgeons the hope of a head transplant. Which lead to the doctor Robert J. white where instead of giving a monkey 2 heads completely remove one head and replace it with another the monkeys body was kept on a type of life support to keep the heart and lungs alive when the head was alive and semi responsive able to make facial expressions.

All of these incidents lead today as surgeons try to fund the money and get the allowance to preform the first ever head transplant on a human being.


There are a few questions to these incidents.

Do you think these experiments are ethical?

And do you think they should go through with the transplant?

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  • Interesting topic choice but I would like to see your summary longer. Its just hard to do a topic justice with one paragraph. Also be sure to check back and reply to students. +5

  • I definetly do not think that any part of a head transpland is ethical. I think it is inhumane, and it should'nt be done on human. I also think it is bad, because it didn't work on animals, so why would anyone want to try it on humans, because it could fail and then that is not right.

  • I don't really think that it is ethical. When is anyone EVER going to need an entire head transplant? By that point, they would be dead and they arent even be themselves anymore.  There isn't really a point to these and they should not go through with these transplants.

  • i dont like the tone here its all blah blah blah TERRIBLE MAN any and every discovery has been made on trial and error, and though it seems crazy even cutting toenails was horendoes to do in egypt the only way to further mankind is by that prossess

  • I do not agree with the experiments, however how else would humans be able to figure out how to do stuff like this. There is lots of different things that shouldn't be done, like this but if there is ever a case where that needs to be done on a human it will be much more likely to succeed.

  • I do not know what to think about these experiments. I think that they are probably not ethical and don't make sense. I personally would not like to do those experiments and risk messing something up. I would think they should not go through with the transplant, I don't see why they would.

  • I don't think these experiments are ethical. They are harmful and I'm sure there are other ways you can experiment these things. If the experiments harmed the animals then I don't think they should do them on humans because the outcome on animals didn't come out right so why would it work on humans. 

  • I don't think these experiments are ethical. People are very wrong for doing this to animals, let alone humans. I don't think they should go through with this transplant. Although some results were successful, doesn't mean it'll be successful this time. 

  • I think that this is crazy. I wouldn't want my head to be transplanted. I think it would be very unethical for someone's head to be put on anothers head.  I think this is a theory or joke in my opinion, but some people might like it and believe in it.

  • I think that it's unessecary why would you need to make a head transplant on anything. That's sad becasue those animals have to suffer like that. I don't think it's ethical at all and they shouldn't keep going on with thus. Especially on a human.

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