The "Almost" Catastrophe of the U.S

In 1961 the us was sparred a tragedy of monumental proportion when 2 hydrogen bombs were dropped in North Carolina but didn’t detonate when a American b-52 bomber broke up midair during this the bombs were released the bombs engaged and acted as they should and there was only one low voltage trigger stopping the catastrophic disaster each bomb has 4 megatons of force that’s the equivalent of 4 million tons of TNT.


If these explosives went off lethal fallout could have been deposited from places like. Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and could have gone as far north as New York city- putting millions of lives at risk.



What do you think would’ve happened if the bombs went off


How could the us be affected by this event

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  • I love your topic and it's new so +5. The issue is your summary is quite brief. Expand a bit more next time. You did a good job replying to people.

  • I think if the bombs went off there would have been a mainstream panic and questions about our military being safe with transferring bombs that have an amount of TNT that could wipe an entire city out.

  • I think if the 2 hydrogen bombs went off it would have been detrimental to the United States and  millions of people would have died. It would have been a very significant event in the history of the U.S. and America would look different than it does today. 

  • If the bombs had gone off, millions of people would have died from the intial explosion, and even more from the radiation. After the explosion, nobody would be able to live in that area for a while. The U.S. probably would have never recovered and we probably would have been taken over by a different country.

  • If those bombs would have went off, it would be way different now in the U.S. We probably would have sent lots of our constuction crews over there to help rebuild after the destruction. We also would have much less people in our county right now because so many people would have been killed and couldn't repopulate.

  • If the bombs would have gone off I think the world would be a lot different then it is today. It could have also made a lot of businesses go out of business also. It makes me wonder if the friends I have now would even exist or if I would even exist.

  • I think these bombs would've been very devestating. It could've caused a lot of controversy for how we would still be here. It could've depended if we were a strong country or not. Wiping out a lot of our major states would be horrible in todays world.

  • If the bombs went off I think it would cause an all out nuclear war with whoever sent the bomb and it would kill millions. The US would become very protective of their surroundings and would have to rebuild what was destroyed costing billions I'm assuming.

  • I think if the bombs went off it would have been very chaotic and devistating. It could destory many things and re bulding wouldnt be to fun, and the millions of people that would be injured or dead. We were very lucky the bombs didn't go off. 

    • i can agree that it would not of been good for clean up wich wouldve costed bilions of dalars maby more 

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