Should You Take a Gap Year?

A gap year is between your final year of high school and your first year of upper-level learning. The gap year has served as a tool for young students to pause their lives and sit and think about what they genuinely want to pursue. Taking a gap year could significantly help a student and clear their mind of confusion and worry, it gives them time to plan, research, and prepare.

A gap year could also have some setbacks to a student's track to finishing school. Because the gap year is typically taken directly after high school, after a gap year you are technically a year older than all your classmates and it may feel like you're a year behind compared to others. Gap years in general can prove to be difficult to execute as well. If not well organized, spending a whole year out of school may derail you more than help you, because once a student is taken off the traditional road of schooling, it is hard to get back on. 

Taking a gap year has proven to have many benefits if planned out well and used as it should be. A gap year should be for students who are not quite ready to start their upper-level academic career and need more time to think about what exactly they want to do. If not executed properly, a gap year could be more harmful to a student's success by derailing them and making it harder for them to get back into the habit of academics. All in all, I personally think a gap year can be a really good idea if the right person is doing it and if they have a good, well-structured plan. If they don't have a good plan, I think it would be a better idea to just go to school and get the basic classes out of the way and then consider a gap year if you still need time to think.


Is taking a gap year a good idea?

Would you take a gap year?

Do you know anyone who has taken a gap year? 

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  • Good topic choice and well done Madison! Be sure toreply more frequently.

  • I think that taking a gap year is a really good idea, especially if you are paying out of pocket for your own education. It gives you time to save up more money. It also gives students a longer break before going into their preferred education. Plus, it can give you a little extra time to figure out what field you want to major in. 

  • I will not be taking a gap year. But I do know people that take a gap year. I don't think that a gap year would be a good idea for me personally. I am going to weld so as soon as I am over high school, I'm going to Iowa Western for a year to get my welding technology diploma, and then Missouri Welding Institute for 4 months, and then I will be traveling and welding.  

  • I think taking a gap year is a great idea. It gives you time to go have fun and not have to worry about a bunch of things. And it also gives you time to think about your future and what you want to do. I don't know anyone who has taken a gap year but I myself would definitely consider doing it because I feel like it would be a nice "brain break" from everything.

  • I think it seems to be a pretty good idea to take a gap year so that you can do an internship or try out different jobs to see what you want to do. Howver, I think that it will make you go backward. After not learning or using any of the school material for a year, you might forget some by the time you do go to college.

  • I think that taking a gap year is a very good idea. If you do volunteering or traveling, you can learn so much and it can widen your mindset and perspective on things. I think that it can help you to grow as a person and to find out what you want to do. 

  • I don't think taking a gap year is necessarily bad, depending on the person taking the gap year. If you're a person who can't stay committed to something, I don't think a gap year is what is best for you. However, if you are dedicated to going to go and getting a higher education, then a think the gap year would work greatly. I don't know anyone personally who has taken a gap year. 

  • This really depends on the person. I thought about doing this and getting a full time job so I wont be a broke college student and could maybe even stay in an apartment, however, my dad brought up to me the fact that most people who do this end up not having the energy to go back. Once you get out of school and get to be more free, its hard to actually stick to your word and go back to school life. So personally, I dont think I would be able to take a gap year and I would rather just get it over with. 

  • I do not think that a gap year is good because I feel like it will lead to bad habits. I feel like it will lead people to realize not doing anything is a lot easier than not do anything and not being held accountable for a whole year that they will just decide not to go to college or find jobs

  • I do not think a gap year is a good idea because every year you can work after college is just another year that you can use your college degree to your advantage income wise. I do not know anyone that has taken a gap year, however, as I get older I am sure that some people in my own grade will take a gap year.

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