Should Women have to wear Hijabs?

In April of 1983, Islamic law made it mandatory for all women to wear hijabs. Many other countries share this same law, prohibiting women from showing any hair or wearing the hijab "incorrectly." Even tourists or non-muslims have to wear hijabs when traveling to these places. In the 1990's, the government began threatening people with imprisonment, flogging, or fines if they refuse to wear head coverings. Women can be placed in jail anywhere from 10 days to 2 months in Iran for not wearing hijabs. However, laws changed in January of 2018, which lightened the punishment for these crimes. Women would only have to attend educational classes if they were seen without head coverings, although repeat offenders would face charges. This obligatory dress code has been around for years, and little to nothing has changed since then.

While many women in Iran defend this law, others believe that it should be a women's choice if they choose to wear a hijab or not. Protests have begun to be more pronounced as a 22-year old woman named Masha Amini was found dead in a hospital under police custody.  She was taken by Iran's religious moralilty police for wearing her hijab "improperly". Suspicions arose as a picture of Amini in a coma spread around social media. Other reports state the Amini had hemorrhaging in her head which suggest she had been struck multiple times before passing away. Many believed that she had been beaten and killed by the police. Amini's story caused an ourtrage amongst many people who demand a change to the law. Women across the world have begun to take off their hijab or even go as far as shaving their heads to stand againt the Iran government. Amini's coroner denies these allegations, stating that her death was not from head injuries but rather from an underlying illness that she was suffering from. Still, this was not enough evidence for the public, as they still are protesting for the right to not wear a hijab.

Although America does not share the same laws as Islamic countries, women here are also protesting for the people of Iran. Americans still have families and friends who face danger everyday living in Iran and are afraid of what the government may do as punishment to all women there. I think that it should not be mandatory for women to wear hijabs nor any form of clothing permitted by the government. People should be able to wear whatever they feel most comfortable in. Governments should not have the power to control every part of a person's lives down to the strands of hair the have in their face. 


Should America help women who are forced to wear hijabs?

Should women in Iran continue protesting?

Will Iran consider changing their laws on hijabs?

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  • Great, original topic choice Gianna! +5   Super job!!

  • I think that if it is part of their culture that we cannot change that and force them to stop wearing these. Yes the women in Iran should keep protesting and as long as it doesn't become violent. I think that Iran will keep thier same laws on hijabs because it is their culture.

  • I don't really think woman should be protesting against a religious inspired law in Iran. If anything, they should respect and just wear the Hijabs instead of risk being executed. However, I can see how covering your face can be annoying but I personally wouldn't do some sort of the Islamic blastphamy at that high of risk. 

    • It is not the religion that they follow that makes it mandatory for women to wear hijabs, it is the government. There is no causation between the two. It is not ay kind of Islamic Blasphemy to not cover your face as it is not forced upon in their religion.

  • I think that it should be up to the women and their realigous beliefs on what they think they should do and not up to their government or the people surrounding them. I think to me it would be important to respect the others around me and their beliefs but I also think that people can have their own actions.

  • I think that women should have the right to choose to wear their Hijabs and how to wear them. I also think that it is amazing how many women are supporting other women when it comes to this. The women in Iraq in my opinion just want freedom no matter what it takes to get it. The law about wearing Hijabs is getting out of hand and the people are starting to see that I see nothing wrong with them fighting for their rights. I think that if the government really cares about the people they will see that it affects women's beliefs. Maybe someday the laws will change, but until then these women will continue to fight for what they believe in.

  • I think that women shouldn't forced to wear a hijab. They should be able to have a say on what they can wear or do. Women in Iran should continue protesting so Iran can see that some women don't want to wear a hijab. 

  • I think that women shouldn't be forced to wear hijab and that they should have a free choice to wear whatever they want. I also think that it is important to show solidarity with the women in Iraq. It is very brave of them to do what they are doing right now and protesting. 

    • I agree that the women in Iran and very brave in protesting for their rights right now. We probably don't even know half of the dangers they're facing right now just because of the sheer lack of media covering the topic. I also agree that women who can protest against those laws without danger should try and uplift their voices since they really can't.

  • I think that women should have a choice to wear a hijab, But i think if i was in there shoes i would not protest due to the awful things that could happen. I think that if the right people come into office that their laws could be changed.

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