Should we legalize the selling of Human Organs?

Should we legalize the selling of Human Organs?


6,500 global deaths every year. If you are in desperate need of a new Organ or kidney, how far would you go to get one? Well in the US and many other countries selling these vital organs is considered illegal. Numerous American citizens need these organs to live, and they must pay an excruciating amount because their country does not offer legal organ sales. Legalizing human organ sales would be good for America's medical economy by lowering the cost of medical procedures and imported supplies, it would open a new world of business and entrepreneurship, and strengthen our medical system as a whole. 


The costs of organ transplants have increased over many years due to backups on the organ waiting list. Today over 100,000 people are waiting for vital organs, and over 15 people die each day on the organ waiting list. Making it legal for Americans to sell vital organs would help cure the number of people that die on the waiting list while also lowering the cost of these procedures. With a shorter distance to import organs and a higher in-country supply, there will be more available for those who need them most. 


If there was a law passing the sale of organs, that could open up many opportunities for entrepreneurs to open a business trying hospitals and medical centers all over the United States. This could be a great way to employ more people all over the USA and make the process of transporting and distributing these organs more efficient and safe. Though this line of work may be controlled by the government, I think that this would still be a great way to include more American citizens in the country's workforce. 


America could also benefit from this new area of healthcare. The US is ranked last overall for medical care in the entire world. If America got more invested in legalizing Vital Organ sales, this country would become more advanced and better treat those who are suffering; raising the country's overall medical status. Of course, there are still many other things that will need to improve, but joining the many other countries that are legalizing the selling of organs will be good for our country.


Some people may argue that selling human organs is inhumane; however, there could be so much go0d done by legalizing this. More people receive the care that they need, and patients will not need to pay an exorbitant amount of money to get the care they need. 


America is one of the few countries that does not allow for legal organ sales. I see a way for America to prosper from this. Passing a law to legalize the selling of human organs would not only be good for the budgets of the patients, but also for employment, entrepreneurship, and providing care at a faster and more efficient rate, to help the many people on the Organ waiting list.


What do you think?

Should America legalize the selling of human Organs?

Would American-sold organs lower their overall surgery cost?

How much should an organ transplant cost?



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  • Very interesting topic and one that hasn't been done before. Well done Grant! My question is how does this business run? I'll ask in class today.

  • In my opinion, I believe that America should legalize the selling of organs, but it should be regulated and a long process. I think this because selling organs can save lives, but the people who are selling them could be forced to or people could illegaly harvest organs for money. Having it be highly regulated and a process to keep it safe will mitigate this risk, and make it more humane. Personally, I don't believe that it would lower the cost for surgery. Because of the state of the medical system, I believe that they will try to capitalize off of it instead of making it cheaper.

  • The only problem in legalizing it is that they could be harvested from people. This already happens and is very illegal. There is an issue where the organ has only a little amount of time to work in the body. If the organ dies, it will not work.

  • Personally, I do not think we should legalize the process of selling human organs. It would give more people there needs but it could get dangerous. I think it should be less srict but still have some rules against it, in order to keep America safe. 


    • I do not agree. I think that selling human organs is a fine process that can work well for the person donating and the person getting the organ. The peopleperforming these surgeries have done this many times, so you will be safe. I also think that there will still be order in America, no matter if we pass the law or not. 

  • I do not think that we should legalize selling human organs. I think other countrys legalized it but I don't think America should. It would lower sergery cost but also make fixing the people more dnagerous. I think they should cost a few thousdand dollars depending on health.

  • Legalizing organ transplant selling stuff is kind of a very very slippery slippery slope. My thoughts are people are going to illegally Harvest these really needed organs that are blood types like O Negative. When I think of a person in need of an organ I see ya sure but without that organ there they might die or yeah . I think that the bad outweighs the good in this case because murderIs already happening whether for money or better position or because they did something wrong and we're going to add another reason to kill a human being because we value one person's wife over anothers


  • I think that they should legalize it so the people that need something can get the help they need. Some people don't have enough money or are in such bad shape they can't wait their turn on the waiting list. 

  •  I think that selling organs can solve a big problem. For people that are in critical care. The government wants to pay for people to donate organs. They would also pay the doctors to do the operations. But having the government paying everyone will put the government in more det.

    • I partly agree. I think that it may cause some problems with some crimes, but I think that it could do more good than bad. I do think that the government would be spending more money putting them farther into debt; however, I think that this would help our American Medical System, and if our medical system is stronger, there will be less money being spent. 

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