Should We Have To Do Forum Post?

I think that forum posts should not be mandatory for history because there are a lot of people who forget and it could be bad for their grades because they are out of 40 points and they are really easy to forget even with reminders. I can also see why we need them though because it is the only homework we get from the class and they are easy to do but they are still easy to forget especially with all the homework from other classes like English and math. It would also maybe be more beneficial to do less like 3 or 4 because some of the topics aren't that interesting sometimes and could be easier to write less than 5. It would also be a better idea to do weekly grading instead of getting 1 grade for 4 weeks then you get 4 different grades for 4 different weeks so if you don't do 1 week then it won't affect your grade as much if you get the rest of the weeks.


Do you think we should have a forum post? Why?

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  • I really love your topic and it's super intersting looking at what people say. I do think you could have expaned a bit on your summary and commented on more than one day. You should have asked me why I have student do them. My perspective is an important part of this story.

  • I think we should have forum posts because it is a lot easier than other homework assignments. I think we should have more time to get them done or be allowed to get more than 5 done a week. These are a big part of everyone's grade and. There should be more chances to get them done in class. 

  • I think we should have to do forum posts. It's something that everyone can do for easy point. It can raise your grade by a lot if all are done correctly. 

  • I think that we should have to do a forum post but limit it because it's a big part of your grade. I think that it should be once a semester if you have a full year of that class and if it's a semester class you should do it once a quarter. I do think that if we did do forum post it should be all history classes since its a big part of your grade.


    • I agree that it should be once a semester than more than once.

  • I think we should do fourm post but shouldn't be graded for it. My life gets very busy and stressful, so sometimes i forget. Yes it is an easy 40 points and will be helpful sooner or later. But some kids already have so much on their plates. 

  • I think that form post are easy and they are easy to type 2 sentences to respond to something. They are easy points and if we didn't have them I think my grade wouldnt be as good as it now. I think people just need to suck it up and do and not complain.

  • I don't think we should have to do forum post only because I feel like some students can't think of a topic and just doesn't know how to put stuff together. I think its just a waste of time. But I also think doing htme will help out your grade in the class if you're failing. 

  • I don't mind forum posts, but I can see why some people might not want to do them. There are a lot of repeat topics, and replying can be very repetitive. However, they are an easy 40 points, which helps out a lot of people's grades.

    • I agree that they are easy 40 points but there are also a lot of repeat topics and replying does get repetitive sometimes especially if you are a leader.

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