Should we have a self defense class at school?


Physical conduct should be used as a last resort, however in dangerous situations it should be used. Knowing self defense could mean life or death for some people.

Along with learning how to protect themselves students can also learn self awareness, Spatial awareness, and help students detect dangerous situations early before anything happens. Self defense can also improve self-confidence and physical fitness. Studies show that teaching students self defense actually reduces physical Disputes in school. 

 In many cases when young adults are in danger they panic however part of knowing and learning self defense is keeping calm and bing able to see thing level headed. With over about six different styles of  common and practical self defense and more then 170 styles of martial arts this being there are many different opportunities for schools to teach different styles. 

With most styles of self defense you do not have to worry about being stronger then your opponent. When learning self defense you are taught how to use your opponents body weight and momentum against them. 

Teaching self defense in school could be beneficial in many ways. I personally thing that we should make a P.E class for a form of self defense. For thoses who want to take part of learning self defense.


Should we have a self defense class in school?


Do you know self defense, if so what kind of it?

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  • Good topic choice and well done Secilia! I do think you could have had a stronger intro paragraph. 

  • I believe that a self-defense class could help many students. I think that it should be offered but not required because there are some people who don't need it. I feel like there are a lot of students who could benefit from this, so I think it's a good idea.

  • I feel that a self-denfese class should be offered but not repuired.  I do not know any self denfese but would take a class if it was offered. I feel it is a personal choice if you want to learn how to defend yourself if you need too. Also, I f you choose to take a self defense class, it should count for credits toward graduation.

  • I think that a self-defense class would be beneficial for many students, although that class shouldn't be required for all kids to take and have it be optional instead. Overall, the school offering a self-defense class is a good idea in my opinion. 

  • I think if we would have slef defense class then it should be optional. I feel a self defense class would be really helpful in many situations. I think it would make lots of people feel a bit safer when walking alone or just places that are a little sketchy.

  • I think that we should have a optional general self defense class, I think last year there was a win class that happened an entire week for women's self defense. I don't know self defense but I could probably defend myself from a person.

  • I think that a self-defense class would be beneficial to some students. I think that students shouldn't have to take the class but I do think that it should be offered. I think that any kind of class that if enough students want to do then the school should have it an option for classes.

    •  I think that a lot of kids at our school would love to sign up for a self defence class. It would be really cool to see a self defense class at our school before we graduate.  

  • A self defence class would be useless in the real world expeccailly in this country. If you want to protect yourself in america the best way is just buying a gun and be a consealed carier. 

  • I think that self defence should be a class because it could save a lot of people from dangerous situations. I know a small bit of self defense. I know enough to protect myself from being hurt by someone. 

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