Should Vaping and E-cigarettes be banned?

In the past years, vaping has become very popular. I would even say it is even more popular than smoking cigarettes. Vaping contains nicotine and which is a very addictive chemical. You might've heard of the brand “JUUL” before, which was known to be one of the top vapes in 2020-2021. However, on June 23, 2022, the FDA made Juul stop selling all of their products in the United States  This included removing products currently on the market, including Juul devices and pods. E-cigarettes were the 4th most popular tobacco product in 2019. In 2018 it was estimated that 1 in 5 high school students owned a “Juul” or another type of e-cigarette. 


Some may say that there are pros like, it can help adults quit smoking and prevent youth from smoking. But I do not think that vaping is any better than smoking. I think it is worse. Research says that one cartridge that goes in a vape has 20 cigarettes in it and a teen is more likely to to smoke those cartridges at a must faster rate than cigarettes. Some may say that Vaping is a “safer” way to ingest tobacco. However, I strongly disagree. Vaping can cause a thing called  “popcorn” lungs which can ruin your lungs and can even cause death.

There are many cons but a few are, vaping is causing a serious addiction in young kids. Vaping is also much easier to “smoke” than cigarettes. For example, you could vape in the bathroom without having a strong smell to you whereas if you were to smoke a cigarette you would be able to smell it on your clothes. Another cause is that vaping can cause serious health problems like depression, lung disease, or even strokes. Vaping can cause addiction to other drugs that could be more serious and could harm you a lot more. One last con is that e-cigarettes can start on fire and explode. Some people have lost body parts (like an eye, tooth, or tongue) due to e-cigarettes exploding. Airports even ban all vapes or e-cigarettes to go under the plane in case it would explode under the plane. 


I think vaping is very bad and should be banned in all states. Vaping is not any better than smoking cigarettes. Banning vaping could save many people's lives. And prevent future addictions to worse drugs.

  1. Is vaping worse than smoking in your opinion?
  2. Do you think e-cigarette companies are targeting young kids?
  3. How do you think we can prevent vaping?

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  • I think that vaping and smoking should be banned nation wide for anyone. E-cigarette compaine are blatantly advertising to kids to try to get them hooked as young as possible. Smoking is pointless, all you get is a small feeling of pleasure that goes away 5 minutes after your done. 

    • Yes, they defiantly advertise to kids. 

  • I think that vaping and smoking have the same effect on people. They are both bad and I think they should both be banned. I think vaping and smoking are very pointless because they just ruin your lungs. Also, e-cigarette companies are most definitely targeting young kids, because they are not educated on what vapes do to your body.

    • Yes, it has the same effect on people. 

  • I think that vaping is worse than smoking. In this generation vaping is very much targeted toward young teens, that's who are the most addicted. I really do not find a point in it or smoking, there are so many other things that you can get "addicted" to that will not harm you or your future. Smoking and vaping are just more "popular" right now. I think that there's really nothing to do to get people to stop. Every day just keeps getting worse, more and more people start to do it and there is really no end to this anywhere near.

    • Yes, it is hard to see a end to all this. 

  • I think banning anything to do with smoking will increase the health of the population. By making the vapes flashy and flavorful, I think companies are targeting kids. They do it because its easy to persuade children into that kind of stuff. I don't think placing a ban would stop anything, though, because they will just start illegally selling it.

    • I agree, they will still find ways to sell it. 

  • I think that they should be banned, but how would you monitor that. I think it would creat a bigger problem than we think kids would still find away to get around it and get them. I think that people will learn and will be affected later in life. People always learn from their choices. 

    • Yes, it would be hard to monitor. 

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