should transgender care for minors be restricted?

There have been a lot of talks lately about states restricting or outright banning transgender care. This can be very harmful to trans youth, taking away the one thing they can do to feel good about themselves can harm their mental health and well-being. banning trans care for minors will inevitably raise suicide rates among trans youth.  

There has been more than one state banning or restricting trans care making it harder and harder for children to feel comfortable in their bodies. I think banning trans care for minors is not a good idea, the way it is now trans youth can get care but they need the permission of their parents and a therapist's recommendation. Making already hard enough to get care but this bill will take away all the effort we have gone through.


what do you think?

should transgender care be restricted?



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  • I think it should be restricted, as a child, you aren't fully aware of what you want in your future, and you don't know if this is a life-long transition you would like to make. Some may know for sure that this is what they want and they want it permanently for the rest of their lives, but a lot of children do it because it's a "trend" or they were "influenced" by their friends and they want to be like everyone else. So I think it should have some regulations on what you can do, especially if you're young because it could potentially hurt your body in the future.

  • Yes, I think there should be more restrictions about trans. Becuase, I think they should wait to decide anything until there adults. Becuase, I think many kids are confused about the whole concept and they might do stuff they want to take back when there older. 

  • I feel like transgender care is important, but we also don't know how much it can affect people in the future. I believe that if a transgender kid and their parents choose to make these life-altering decisions at a young age, that is their decision. But you also need to take into consideration how hormone therapy could potentially hurt people, especially when you stop the body's natural response. Hormone therapy hasn't been around long enough to see if it will hurt someone in the end. There are a lot of bad things that can happen, but at the end of the day, it is up to the person. There may not be any bad side effects, again it hasn't been around long enough to determine it. Transgender care is important, and I think it should be around. Again, it is up to them and their parents if they make these decisions. 

  • A biological male's brain is fully developed in making decisions when it is 25 years old on average, varying a few years either way. Females, even earlier. So, I do not think that transgender partially developed brains should not be a thing in the first place. My only question is why would you be trans in the first place? Is it a lack of attention??

    • people do not choose to be trans, being trans is something that people cant control so no it is not about attention seeking 

      • People do choose to be trans and people want more attention and be able to have more friends because of their gender but I think people should get over it and not change genders because they want to choose the gender they want the opposite but I think you should be proud that you are even alive and not worry about your gender like what's the point of changing gender.

      • If people can change their pronouns, I will start changing my adjectives.

      • How is this not a decision? Obviously, some decisions are made when you decide that you are not the 'same gender' anymore. If your brain is not fully developed, how can you make a life-altering decision?  I don't think that people are able to make this important decision at a young age. Although you may be able to make this decision, your brain isn't fully developed, and you should wait to be older before making this decision. 

        • I agree, becoming trans is 100% a decision because back when 'trans' wasn't a thing its not like peoples bodies were just like'oop were not male/female anymore' it is not natural, which means it is 100% a decision and I do think it is 100% for attention and nothing less.

  • I personally think that students that claim they are transgender don't know it they are or not. There are alot of stages that teens go through witch should not allow them to change there gender and regret it later in life. I think that people that are older and know for a fact that they are should have care but personally miniors/teens even with parental consent should not be able to.

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