Should They Have College Playoffs?

The Bowl Championship Series was formed in 1998 to see who was the best college football team is the best. Many players and others think that they should take that out and replace it with a playoff system. They think this because they think its not fair because they just pick who has played the best and put them against each other. They have nothing to lead up towards the national championship. 

First, one of the pros on having the national championship is that it makes a lot of money for the schools and students. Not that its all about having money but its letting kids play the game that they love and not worry about not being able to play a lot because they don’t make playoffs. Second, having the college playoffs it would extend the season by almost 2 months and some players would not like that.

If they decide on making the playoff and take the Bowl games away, the NCAA would lose a lot of money.  The NCAA host 42 bowl games and they made a lot of money off those games. Many players and coaches look up towards the bowl game because they have fun in them and its many players and coaches last games.


How do you feel about not having Bowl Games and having college playoffs?


If you could vote what would you choose?

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  • Good job overall! This topic has been done before and I do think your summary could be longer. Good job replying!

  • I would choose to vote yes because I think they should have playoffs in college. I think it would give more teams a chance to make it further. I think they should still have the bowl games just later on, but if I HAD to choose between playoffs and bowl games I think I would choose playoffs.

  • I think that they should have some of the top teams in a tourney and then they could continue having bowl games. If you lose in the tourney I think that they should be able to play back for a better bowl game. It may start out a bit confusing, but people will eventually understand it.

  • I think that it would be interesting to change it and that anyone who is a part of the NCAA would be against having the national championship and I think it wouldn't really be fair to argue that schools get money when its really just taking money from the NCAA and giving it to schools.

  • In my opinion, I think that they should have like the top 10 teams have a tourney and then continue having the bowl games. For the teams that lost right away in the tourney, they can have a bowl game for them too. It may start out a bit confusing, but people will eventually understand it. 

  • I think the college football playoff expanding would be huge. I wish they would use it this season, but they are waiting until 2025. Having it expanded will generate more money for them. Iowa would have made it in past years like the 2015-2016 season. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

    • I agree, I think this is gonna help many smaller school. Not many smaller schools make it.

  • I think that college playoffs can be good but also can be bad. having no games would decerease the injuries and possible deaths that can happen in football. i would keep it though becasue it makes lots of money 

    • I agree, i think if not having college playoffs they would not make any money.

  • I think we should still have bowl games and myabe a little bigger college playoff because smaller teams can face teams they know they have a chance. But I think the top 25 should contend for the championship.

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