Should the death penalty be legal?

The death penalty is a punishment of execution for individuals committing capital crimes. Overall, 58.8 percent of respondents are in favor of capital punishment. 30.8 percent opposed, and 10.4 percent were undecided. 

Proponents of the death penalty believe it should stay legal for those convicted of serious crimes. Supporters of the death penalty strongly agree that it’s a deserved punishment for horrible crimes, as well as a deterrent to capital crimes. Further arguments state it provides closure to families of a victim, by receiving justice that fits the crime in order. Lastly, the death penalty helps ease the overpopulation in prisons. Ensuring that less amount of tax payers' money goes towards individuals that acted against society in a violent way. 

Opponents of the death penalty believe it is cruel and immortal, believing a human's life is valuable and everyone has the right to live. Human rights activists argue that the death penalty is a form of revenge, and revenge is not necessarily about social justice. According to the activists, the death penalty discriminates against minorities and the poor. Claiming these groups of people are more likely to be sentenced to death. Also stating, there is no proof death penalty has a strong deterrent effect. Objectors stated it costs more money to execute a prisoner, rather than keeping them in a jail cell. 

I believe the death penalty should stay legal. Those offenders who get sentenced to death had done something extreme to get that punishment. Victims' families should get the justice they believe they deserve. 


Do you think the death penalty should be legal? 

Do you think specific groups are targeted?

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  • This topic had been done several times. Your summary is good but be sure to continue replying.

  • I think that it should be legal to an extent. I think if it is absolutely necessary for a horrific crime, it should be legal. It's very hard to judge what cases should have it and which shouldn't so it would be somewhat difficult. I think that it could have something to do with people that are targeted, but not too much.

  • I personally believe that the death penalty should still be legal but only for some cases like if thier was a rapest or a molestor then yes they should get the death penilty but if thier was a murder in some cases I think it would be better to let the inmate rote for it then to die.

  • I think that the death penalty is perfectly legal and we should have it. I did some math and It actually costs around 200,000 less to kill an inmate than it does to keep it at an annual rate of 45,000 per year for around 40 years. It saves the government money, and the people deserve it. If someone killed and raped a whole family, why should they get to live? It is funny that this is even a debatable topic, honestly. People do bad things, they get punished. What's next, no more prison because it's cruel? If we keep getting lighter on punishment, then people won't be as reluctant to commit crimes!

  • I think the death penalty should be still be available for some cases, but I think that if they can't seriously and 100% prove that someone is guilty they should not sentence them to the death penalty, there has been a lot of cases sent to the death penalty that were later on proven innocent.

  • I think all of this dealth pentaalty and life sentece or any sentence is all perosnal and depednding on what the person who is in the wrong had done to deserive anything done to them through court or jail. I think some groupos might be targeted.

  • I think the death penalty should be legal but at the same time i dont. I think that someone with alot of power will use their power to use the death penalty to much. I think that some group are targeted in the U.S but they are targeted for no reason. They are targeted for a reason.

  • I believe that the death penalty definitely should be legal I believe this because like you said clearly the person who has been given the death penalty did something pretty bad to deserve it. Like say serial killers for example in my opinion serial killers are so mentally unstable that it's almost impossible for them to change so giving them the death penalty is a better route. So that the people who are affected by these murders can finally have Justice against said serial killer. Nobody should have to go through their life knowing that the person that hurt their loved one is still alive. Even if they were given a life sentence it will still be painful for that person who lost the loved one knowing that the murderer is still alive.

  • I don't believe in the death penalty, my religion supports the idea that it is cruel and taking someones life isn't ever okay. Many people deserve it and there are evil people who have taken many lives and don't deserve theirs but I think keeping them in jail for the rest of their life is better than killing them. I don't think certain people and groups are targeted. 

  • I think that the death penalty is needed sometimes. Although killing someone for something they've done in the past can be wrong, othertimes the person may deserve it. If someone were to rape and murder 10+ children I feel that they may deserve the death penalty.

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