Should test retakes be allowed?

Some students can be great students and get their work done but be bad test takers. Should that one test be the reason their grade goes down tremendously? Some teachers allow test retakes and some are completely against it. But letting kids able to retake a test could help their grades and help them understand the material.

Some people say that allowing retakes makes the kids not really care about the first test and not try their hardest if they know they are able to retake the test. If students know that they can retake it why would they study now when they could study later since they have the option to retake it? They say that they should be prepared the first time they take the test and not get the option to retake it.  This also puts the teacher with more work. They have to not only make more tests but spend time grading the second test.

There are also people that are for it. Some students are just not good at taking tests. Deadlines and tests give anxiety to some students and can cause them not to do good on the test. Not all students would take advantage of the retakes and they wouldn't need it. But if they had a bad test then it would be there for their benefit. Some teachers allow retakes but don't make it that easy to retake the test. There are forms to fill out and work to do in order to retake the test, and some teachers only allow so many retakes so kids aren't using it to their advantage. There are also some teachers that average out your score. So they take your first test and your second test and base your grade on that.

I think that retakes should be an option. Even straight-A students can have a bad test and use the retake so it doesn't bring down their grade. I think that their are definitely kids that would abuse this and use it on every test. Teachers could do something about that if it was happening. I think the retest forms and the work you do with them are a good idea so it causes the kid to do some work before they take the second test and help them learn the material for the test.


Do you think that kids should be able to retake tests?

If so, should they be able to retake every test, or should there be a limit? 

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  • Super job Abby! +5

  • I think that kids should be able to retake tests. But there should be a limit if there are 15 tests a semester they should only be able to retake 8 so around half. I feel like one of the reasons why people fail the test is because they don't know what they should be expecting but there are also a lot of kids that aren't good at tests so it is harder for them.

  • I usually don't take advantage of test retakes as I usually don't need them. I believe it should be up to the teacher whether they want to offer it or not. Test retakes are normally only used by a few in a class, so I think the teacher should decide whether it's worth offering it or not.

  • I think that you should be able to retake the test because some students might have a bad grade and want to retake it but they can't. I think that there should be a limit but I think that every teacher should have the option to retake the test for at least they don't fail the class.

  • I think that kids should be allowed to retake tests aleast once. I think that allowing students to tests make them responsible for their grades. I think that test retakes would allow them to further learn about the subject.

  • I think that kids should be allowed to retake tests, but I don't think that they should be allowed to abuse them and retake every test. I think they should be allowed to retake at most 1 test a quarter. I believe that if retakes were allowed, then there would be more people learning the content after they fail.

    • I agree, I don't think that they should be able to retake every single test, just a couple.

  • i think that by allowing students to retake tests makes them responsible for their own grade. When students are given the option of re-taking tests, then feel much more responsibility for their final grade. with others its set in stone and students dont improve without revisiting past knowledge.

  • I don't think that kids should be able to retake tests because if you do badly on the first one, that is what you truly know.  After the first test you know what is coming and also know what to study for, it is basically cheating if you really think about it. If there were retakes I would only allow 1 on a small test/quiz because like I said, if you know what is coming it is basically cheating. 

  • In my opinion, students should at least get the option to retake tests. Sometimes we think that know everything and are caught off guard when we get the test back and recieve a bad grade.  If we studied and were prepared, and still did not do well, then it would be important to get the choice to retake.  There also should not be a limit on how many you can retake.

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