Should teens be allowed to vote?

In many states teen are able to get a job and are able to drive, and must pay tax. But why are they not allowed to vote? Teens are very engaged in politics right now becuase it is a time where everyone is involved in everything. Countless people world wide are joining protest, contacting lawmakers, and sharing on social media about what they believe in. Just because teens are able to go to protest, does not mean they are ready to vote." Demostrating is not the same as voting, which requires a high level of civic responsibility and knowledge."



Most teens don't have basic understanding of how the government works, critics say. Less than hald of Amercian eighth-graders are profecient in civics. In addition research has found that young peoples brain fully develop at a later age than scientist had once though.Some states like Califonia are loweing ages to 16 and 17 years old. If they lower it tp 16 they will become the first majot U.S. city to lower its voting age to 16.



I personally think we should be able to vote because we are part of the U.S. and we are citizens and I think if we are able to pay taxes we should be able to vote. Also, I think if your 16 you are resposible enough to vote.


Would you vote in the upcoming election?


Do you think they should change the law?



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  • Your summary is fine but you didn't reply to any strudent comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I would vote in the upcoming elecfion if I could. However, I dont believe teens should be abel to vote. Many are not educated enough. I feel people would just be peer pressures and vote like there parents. 

  • In my personal opinion, I do not believe that teenaged citizens should have the right to vote in government elections. They are simply too young. They lack the knowledge of the real world and how it functions to accurately form their political ideology and vote for government officials that represent their beliefs and needs.

  • No, I think that teens are too young to have a say for themselves since most only believe what their parents believe. I think that they should not change the law, teens' brains are still developing and so is their overall maturity, I think it would not be beneficial.

  • Yes, if I had the option to I would vote in the upcoming election. I don't know whether or not I think they should change the law, since there is lots of pros and cons to both sides. Changing it could be good since we're old enough to drive and do other things and plus we take classes about what's going on in the world. But also some people might say that kids our age are just going to be doing whatever their parent's do or say to do. 

  • I would vote in the upcoming election because I care about my country and who is in charge. But, I don't think that the law should be changed because teens are easily persuaded and will do what their peers and parents do.

  • Personally, I do not think teenagers should be allowed to vote. I think teenagers are a little too immature and have not had enough time to experience the “real world” as most live with their parents. I will just be old enough to vote in the upcoming election and will be doing so. 

  • No. I don't think that teens should be able to vote because they don't pay as much attention to politics compared to adults. Also I think that a lot of the teens would just go with what their parents say to and the parents will only tell the kid what the kids wants to hear so they vote for them.

  • I don't think teens should be allowed to vote because when you're a teenager you're a little immature and don't think clearly. Most teens just go for whichever side their parents are on or whichever their friends are on.

  • I don't think teens should be allowed to vote, I personally think the voting age should be higher. I say this because look at the Biden election, a lot of uneducated and immature people voted and now they regret their decision because they decided to listen to the press and social media and what everyone else was saying instead of being logical about their vote and going with their own facts and opinions.

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