Should teachers be allowed to hit students?

In the 19th and 20th centuries, teachers used corporal punishments on students. They believed that these punishments helped motivate students to perform better both academically and behaviorally. It was allowed for teachers to discipline students if they weren't paying attention, weren’t behaving adequately, or had inappropriate language. Teachers would typically use rulers, belts, an open hand, etc. Even though it doesn't happen as much as it used to, physical discipline is still legal in nineteen states.


Nineteen out of the fifty states still allow teachers to discipline students in public schools. While in private schools, only two states allow that, Iowa and New Jersey. Many people believe that corporal punishments should not be allowed in a school environment. They think that it is the parent’s responsibility to physically punish the child (if they choose to do so). However, some people believe that corporal punishments are beneficial and useful in school. It is said to establish boundaries, motivate students to behave, and accurately be held accountable. 


I think that corporal punishments in schools should be illegal and banned in all 50 states. It is not the teacher’s responsibility or right to lay their hands on another person's child. If a student is really acting up, the teacher needs to contact the parents before taking any physical action.


What do you think about teachers hitting their students?

Do you think hitting students should be illegal?

Who do you think should be in charge of discipling students, teachers or parents?,%2C%20Indiana%2C%20Iowa%2C%20Kansas%2C

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  • Good topic choice and well done overall Annabelle! I do think your summary could be a bit longer.

  • I think that teachers should not be allowed to hit students. They are kids that half the time dont know any better. I think that hitting students should be illegal. Parents should be the only ones disciplining students even if the student did something unforgettable. In the real world if you go up and hit a kid you would be in trouble with either the parent or the law so why should teachers have a special privilege to harm students.


  • I feel that hitting any child to correct their behavior is wrong. This shows them that they can be mad and hit when others aren't doing what they are wanting them to do. Following through with correct and calm punishment will change a child's demeanor. Students being hit by teachers is seen so rarely in this era, but it has happened before. This can cause them to act worse in class.

    • I didn't even think about how the students get influenced by the teacher. This is very true, it sets a very bad and violent example to the students. Calm punishments work so much better in regards to fixing their behavior.

  • I don't think corporal punishments should be legal. School is meant to be a safe space for students to learn. A school environment is not a place for physical punishment. I think that the student's parents should be contacted.

  • I know that it is wrong to have teachers hit or kick kids. School is supposed to be safe. If teacher do hit kids, the students can be fair to answer questions that the teacher asks, and afraid to go to school.- overall not ok.

    • I agree, school is a safe place that kids don't have to afraid of. If teachers started hitting kids, it would make many kids scared to go to school. Teachers need to keep their hands off of their students.

  • I think that teachers should not be able to hit students. There are different ways to discipline kids, teachers do not need to physically abuse kids. I think that both the parents and teachers should discipline the kids if they are bad. There should be consequences for bad behavior.

  • I don't think that its the teachers job to physically disipline peoples kids. If a student is acting up that badly, the teacher should have them escorted out of the room and arange a phone call home, or a meeting with the kids parents. 

  • No, I don't think that teachers should be allowed to hit students. Hitting students should be illegal. I don't think that hitting students is a good way of disciplining them. There are many better choices that are better because they don't include abuse.

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