Should students take a self defense class?

            Should students take a self defense class? When people think of self defense classes, they probably think of taekwando or karate. There is a self defense class going on in WIN right now for Junior and Senior girls, but I think it should be all female highschool students that are allowed to take the class. Self defense classes can obviously teach you how to defend yourself in an unsfafe stituation, but it can also boost your self confidence, spread more awareness, and improve your physical and mental health.

             These classes are more geared towards teens/young adults but I think that everyone else should learn how to defend themselves. Self Defense training can help you learn how to descalate a situation and know how to deal with violence. In these classes, you would be taught about being more aware of your surroundings, having safety strategies, awareness of being vulnerable as a women/girl. I think the classes should be tought by woman survivors or victims with a lot of experiences.

            One of the main things this class should focus on is awareness of sexual assault, domestic violence, and how to prevent abuse. I think that physical defense should always be your last option unless the person attacking you just came up and started punching you or something like that that is sudden. We are all in highschool and my guess is you have probably been bullied before, so why not learn how to defend yourself if the situation escalates to that extent.


Would you take a self defense class? 

Have you ever been in a situation where you have had to defend yourself?

What ages should this class be for?


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  • Great topic choice and great job Lauren!

  • I think there should be an option to take a self defense class. It is always good to have a choice and it could be very beneficial. It would never hurt to take a self defense class. I don't think I would take a self defense class but it would be good to have a choice.

  • I think that there should be a type of self defense class for students. I think that it would be very beneficial. No matter if Harlan is small and we don't have anything to worry about, but people do travel to places where they should worry about it. I think overall it would be a good class to have. 

  • I think that the option for people to take a self defense class would be very beneficial for a lot of people and that it would proably never be needed however you never know so that is why it would inded be a very good idea for there to be a self defense as a option for class.

    • I agree that the class would be benificial to alot of students who want to learn how to defend themselves.

  • To be honest we don't need that in Harlan nothing is gonna happen here. It might be useful for bigger cities though. I have been in a fight couple times (just for self-defense) and you can't really practice for those it's not like a professional box fight. 

  • Personally, I would be interested in taking a self-defense class. I think it would be extremely useful for all people to learn some sort of self-defense. I personally have never been in a situation where I would need self-defense, but I would feel a whole lot safer if or when a situation arises that I would need self-defense. 

    • I agree that I would feel way more safe knowing that I can be able to defend myself.

  • Personally, I would take a self defense class to make myself more aware of my surroudings. I have not been in a situation where I needed to defend myself. I think that this should be for teens because they're at the age where they would need this.

  • I personally wouldn't take the class, but if it were offered I know plenty of people who would take it. It could be extremely beneficial in school in general and it should be offered to probably anyone really like 10 and up just so they have a good idea about what to do in case of a bad situation.

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